Participants traveled from as far away as California to participate in the recent Battle at the Bay, a Class A tae kwon do tournament held at The Citadel’s McAlister Field House and hosted by Team Martial Arts of Goose Creek.

More than 500 competitors who ranged in age from 3 to 70 along with 150 judges (some of whom also competed) showed up for the event. Grand Master Soon Ho Lee, ninth-degree black belt and the head emeritus of the American Taekwondo Association was a special guest of the event. Lee started the American Taekwondo Association. His younger brother, H.U. Lee, is the current grand master.

Tae kwon do is a form of martial arts that originated in Korea, said Chase Crawford, program director for Team Martial Arts. It translates from “the way of hand and foot.” Team Martial Arts is led by Chief Master Scott Stauffer, eighth-degree black belt. Taekwondo includes sport, self-defense and exercise.

“Each individual competed in multiple categories,” Crawford said. Categories included form, sparring, traditional weapons and one-steps.

Team Martial Arts of Goose Creek had a large contingent at the recent Battle of the Bay tournament at The Citadel’s McAlister Field House. Participants and their places from Team Martial Arts included: Staffer (tournament host); Crawford, program director (form: first, one-steps: third); Trey Elrod (form, first; sparring, third; combat sparring, second; traditional weapons, first); Katlyn Murphy (form, second; one-steps, first); Julie Olson (sparring, third; combat sparring, third; traditional weapons, second; creative weapons, second); Dena Elrod (form, second; sparring, first; combat sparring, second; traditional weapons, second); Melissa Billham; Victoria Coward (sparring, first); Hanah Price (sparring, third); Lauren Murphy (form, third; one-steps, first); Sean Jowers (form and sparring, third; combat sparring, first); Harrison Stauffer (form and sparring, third); Sarah Jordan; Mike Murphy (instructor); Sierra Chamberlain (sparring, second; combat sparring, first); Samantha Soto (sparring, third; combat sparring, second; traditional weapons, third).

Also, Natalie Fenters (first in form, sparring, combat sparring and traditional weapons); Marissa Liggins (combat sparring, third); Ethan Fischer; Gabriel Orozco (form, third); Keenan Grooms (sparring, third; combat sparring, third); Megan Harris (Form, second; One-steps, 1st); Ryleigh Bently (form, 2nd); Micha Coward (form and sparring, third); Anna Baker (sparring, third); David Wilkes III (second in forms, sparring, combat sparring and traditional weapons); Jack Dantzler (form, third); Collin Jowers (third in form, sparring and combat sparring); Olivia Cowart; Dani Jordan; Benjamin Bryant (combat sparring, second); Nicole Elrod (sparring, third); Gabby Baker (Tiny Tiger); Caroline Dantzler (Tiny Tiger); Conner Harris (Tiny Tiger); Anna Farley (third in form and sparring); Nathan Shortridge (second in form and sparring); Michal Jordan (form, third; sparring, second); Daniel Dantzler (sparring, third); Ainsley Lloyd Pierce; Shaan Mahmood; Bishop Rossington; Colton Crockett; Serena Nunez; Gabriel Nunez; Jacob Clark; Hunter Quayle; Mary Barfield; Derek Elder; and Carlos Lugo.