Seven-year-old Ally and her 10-year-old brother were placed at an emergency shelter in DSS care due to physical neglect. Both children have already been placed in multiple homes since being separated from their mother.

To help

To donate to the Good Cheer Fund, go to For more stories, go to postand

Ally loves to write and enjoys playing dress-up like other girls her age. She also likes to play outside and wants to be pushed as high as she can go on the swings. She dreams of one day being able to help others as a police officer.

Some days, however, Ally struggles with self-esteem, and the holidays are a difficult time to be separated from her family. Your contribution to the Good Cheer Fund can help a local agency make Christmas a bit brighter for Ally and her brother.

Since 1927, donations to The Post and Courier’s Good Cheer Fund have helped the less fortunate in the Lowcountry during the holidays. The six charitable organizations sharing the funds are the Star Gospel Mission, Salvation Army, Lowcountry Food Bank, Carolina Youth Development Center, Association for the Blind and Coastal Catholic Charities. Every penny of the money goes to these agencies as there are no administrative costs involved.

Send your tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also may be made in person or online at

For more information, call 937-4831.


In honor of my grandchildren Jake and Isabella from Granddaddy 75.00

In honor of Nancy Willms and Jack V. Owens Jr. Love, Mom 100.00

In honor/memory of our parents from Robert and Betty 100.00

In honor of: My darling grandnephews Alan and Andrew Tavel and Edward III and Marshall Tavel, from “Aunt Mingie” with oodles of love 30.00

Carolina One Prayer Team 275.00

In honor of Claire and Lauren 50.00

From the employees of Charleston

Florist 100.00

Lowcountry Food Bank 100.00

In honor of my Dad, Howard A. “Buck” Taylor. You are my Christmas! Love, Ruthie 25.00

Clyde and Nancy Allen 200.00

David L. Churchill 50.00

Seacoast 100K Gift 25.00

Loretta and Dick McDonald 200.00

John and Lynda Leffler 100.00

In love and thanksgiving for our grandparents Kirk and Helen Rumph 100.00

In celebration of the 29th year of the BiCoastal Supper Club and in thanksgiving for true friends 100.00

In thanksgiving for Dr. Betsy Davis and staff at MUSC, Dept. of Maxillofacial Surgery from Nancy and Sam Stafford 100.00

Qui Vuong 50.00

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North Point Kids 53.00

Alexs and Max Howard 100.00

Carolyn Russell and Dan Jones 100.00

In honor of the wonderful women of Courtyard Circle 25.00

Dr. and Mrs. Edward R. Strauss 500.00

To honor our eight grandchildren 200.00

For our beloved bassett hound, Stymie 50.00

Jessica Morse 50.00

In gratitude for the wonderful care given by Dr. Shirai, Dr. Jenrette, Dr. Takacs, Stacy and Jackie 100.00

Jeff and Tarsya Mercer 25.00

Steve and Kelly McNulty 50.00

Tom and Janis Johnston 500.00

Frederick and Jacqueline Byer 250.00

Shadowmoss Nooners 200.00

In honor of Wally and Carolyn Abel from Boyd and Cindy Schuler 100.00

Catherine O’Brien 50.00

Gift in spirit of Christmas for fellow employees of Peters, Murdaugh, Parker, Eltzroth and Detrick 50.00











UK Sailmakers Charleston 50.00


John Hugh Price Sr. 25.00

J. Douglas Donehue and STUDS Tennis Group 50.00

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“My Edward” 50.00

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My Mom, Betty Taylor, David Corbett, Mama Stop, Mama Katie, Judy Dodds and Ursula Kaiser. Love, Ruthie 50.00

My friends Chuck, Ophelia, Fred and Al 50.00

Our dear and loving mothers “Honey” and “Bugs” from The Austells 100.00

Our sweet sister LaVaida, we miss you. John and Janice Cline 50.00

Chris Honeycutt, a loving mother, grandmother and wife 50.00

Our folks Frances and Elton Johnson and Natalie and Bob Turner 50.00

My daughter Suzan L. Barkley 100.00

Budgie from Brynn, Maddie, Lisa and Cambridge 100.00

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Our parents and grandparents from Bill and Rosemarie Elliott 25.00

Our parents Ann M. Webb, Ducky Webb, Frances Stafford Lawson, Sam Stafford Jr. and Paul E. Lawson 100.00

Flora and Louis Malaspina, Rick Malaspina and Leigh Trivette 100.00

Our fathers Lincoln Martin and Charles McGauran 100.00

“Honor the dead by helping the living” VFW Ladies Auxiliary 10624 100.00

Millie Hale, best wife and Mom EVER 50.00

Catherine and Horace Deets 100.00

Catherine Louise Deets Martina 50.00

Kate and Lee Fugiel from Lucy, Emily and K.T. 75.00

Hertha and Russell Roush 200.00

John M. Mitchell Jr. (“Jack”) 50.00

Virginia W. Mitchell (“Jean”) 50.00

Our parents Harry and Lucy Spell 200.00

Thelma Turner Gaskins, a wonderful lady 50.00

Sam Ross 100.00

Our precious son and brother, Logan J. Rutledge. From Mark, Lori, Dolen, Nathan and Lawton Rutledge 50.00

Jimmy Mueller 50.00

Our beautiful son and grandson Derrick Bunch 50.00

Linda Yoakum 100.00

Kirby Kemmerlin, Karen Sheppard, Gladys Muckenfuss, Margo Combs, Michael Williams and Liz Krontz 100.00

Chris Waters 25.00

Nancy Keefer 25.00

Loving grandparents Bob and Ursula Kaiser and missed cousins Amanda Kaiser asnd Patrick Clarkin 30.00

Our parents, Dorothy, Wayne and

Emory 100.00

For my father, David Santen 100.00

TODAY’S TOTAL $8,878.00

PREVIOUS TOTAL $173,866.32

YEAR TO DATE $182,744.32

LAST YEAR TO DATE $202,566.95