The man who walked into a Summerville hospital with gunshot wounds and the woman who drove him there Wednesday morning told authorities that it happened in the street.

Bradley Bernard Randolph, 35, of Tree Canopy Lane had suffered multiple wounds, including one to the chest. He and 32-year-old Kateiba L. Bryant reported that they were riding together on Parsons Road when a car pulled behind them. Its headlights flashed.

Randolph got out and was shot, they said, according to an incident report.

When deputies from the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office went there, they found no signs of a shooting. Instead, they followed a hunch to Bryant’s home in the 600 block of Parsons Road.

In the yard and on a porch, they found shell casings, cash and a trail of blood leading to the doorway of the home where three children were asleep.

“They were trying to say it was in the street, not at the house,” said Lt. Tony Phinney of the sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division. “That’s not what happened.”

Authorities did not say why the duo might have misled them, or whether the youngsters’ proximity factored in. They were unhurt.

No suspects had been identified, but investigators were chasing leads, Phinney said. It is thought that Randolph was locked in a dispute with the shooter, the lieutenant said.

Randolph has a history of arrests dating to the 1990s and is prohibited from having a firearm, according to the State Law Enforcement Division.

He has misdemeanor convictions for possession of marijuana in 2003 and criminal domestic violence in 2010. He was arrested in May for felony distribution of cocaine base. He is on probation for that crime until July 2014.

Randolph was treated for his wounds at Summerville Medical Center, where he showed up after midnight, and was expected to recover.

Asked during a brief telephone call Wednesday whether she relayed an inaccurate account, Bryant said, “No. I choose not to make a statement.”

Bryant told authorities that she had stopped with Randolph to buy beer at a Central Avenue convenience store, the report states.

The store clerk said he saw Bryant’s husband, 33-year-old Jason Alexander Moseley, driving the sport utility vehicle, not Bryant. The clerk didn’t see Randolph.

Outside the home where Bryant and Moseley live, a deputy found a red Honda with its dome light on. He noticed drops of blood in the passenger seat.

Seeing the blood and shell casings, the deputy thought there had been a shootout. But he figured that one of the shooters used a revolver, so no other spent ammunition was left behind.

Investigators will examine evidence, including tests for gunshot residue, to determine whether the deputy’s theory is true, Phinney said.

When the deputy knocked, Moseley came to the door. He had blood on his hands, the report states, and he said that three children were in bed. Their ages were not given.

Moseley has convictions from 1996 on eight counts of breaking into an automobile where fuel is stored. He also was arrested in 2009 on a felony charge of promoting civil disorder by teaching the use of a firearm.

Bryant has not been arrested in South Carolina.

On her Facebook page, Bryant mentions two daughters. She refers to one as a chatty and high-strung freshman in high school. The other, a 5-year-old, is a “blessing,” she wrote.

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