A group of boys narrowly avoided catastrophe when a bridge in an upscale Mount Pleasant neighborhood gave way under their feet this afternoon.

The boys 8, 12 and 14 were fishing from a bridge in Brickyard Plantation when a section of asphalt suddenly crumbled, leaving a gaping hole, according to Jen Spychalski, mother of two of the boys.

The two older boys plunged into Horlbeck Creek, which came up to their waists. A chunk of concrete splashed into the water next to them. A car went over the bridge while they were in the water, threatening to send down more debris, according to Spychalski.

She was still shaken a few hours later.

I was just blown away by what a close call it was, she said.

The bridge is on Royal Trace near the boat landing. Joanna Hoover, president of the neighborhood association, said residents had complained about the bridge and the town had patched it before.

The bridge was closed to traffic while crews worked on it. Hoover said she was told the problem was a broken water line.

A town spokesperson could not be reached immediately.

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