Mary Lee, the 16-foot-long, 3,456-pound Great White shark that has been frequenting Lowcountry waters, is back in the area again. Her most recent ping came at 10:14 a.m. today just off Kiawah Island.

The shark has spent a better part of the month in the waters near Savannah, but slowly started making her way toward the Lowcountry again Friday. She appeared to be without her most recent traveling companion, Genie. That shark, slightly smaller at 2,292 pounds and 14 feet, 8 inches long, hasn’t made an appearance on the OCEARCH Shark Tracker since she pinged of the coast near Edisto Beach on Dec. 9.

Mary Lee and Genie have satellite transmitters attached to their dorsal fins that let researchers know their whereabouts any time they get close to the surface. Mary Lee was first tagged by OCEARCH, a shark research group, in New England in September. She made her first appearance in the Lowcountry in November.