Gifts for troops

We would like to thank the staffs of Moncks Corner Medical Center, Summerville Emergency Department, Summerville ICU and Summerville YMCA for donating much-needed items to Marines serving in Afghanistan. Thanks to the staff at the UPS Store on Old Trolley Road for unloading the 15 boxes and getting the paperwork together for mailing.

Thanks to everyone who reached out to make another day in Afghanistan more tolerable and a bit warmer and brighter for our troops.

Please say a prayer for our brave young men and women in harm’s way. Despite a national tendency to forget, many of them are still half a world away defending the freedom we hold so dear.

Ann Edlund

Director Moncks Corner

Medical Center

North Live Oak Drive

Moncks Corner

Laura Perdue, R.N.


Summerville Medical Center

Emergency and ICU Depts.

Midland Parkway


Don’t alter classic

The Dec. 12 Post and Courier carried a story of a woman who re-wrote and hopes to publish a new version of “The Night Before Christmas.”


Because Santa smoked a pipe while putting gifts under the tree.

In all the years (and there have been many) and the hundreds of times I’ve read and heard that poem read, not once did I assume that Santa was subliminally trying to get me to smoke a pipe. It is one sentence in a classic poem that has endured over 180 years, and I challenge anyone to say that line influenced him to start or continue smoking.

What’s next? Should the part about the reindeer pulling his sleigh be removed lest PETA get involved?

Don’t forget to erase the part about cookies being left for Santa, or we’ll be hearing from the American Diabetes Association.

Louis Romeo

Blair Road


Church presence

We are pleased to announce that there is a continuing Episcopal presence on Edisto Island with regular opportunities for worship.

The continuing worship community of Trinity Episcopal Church was formed so we could continue aligning ourselves with the national Episcopal Church and embrace its policy of inclusion of all people who strive to live out their faith in Jesus Christ.

We meet each Sunday at 11 a.m. in private homes, and all are welcome. We hope soon to have a permanent place to worship.

The weekly location can be confirmed by going to Click on “who we are” and then “parishes and missions.”

Our service follows the Book of Common Prayer and the Episcopal Church hymnal.

We are blessed to have two retired Episcopal priests conducting our services, and we will also use guest supply priests when necessary.

We are very grateful to Grace Church in Charleston for its strong show of support and love as we forge this new path together.

Gretchen M. Smith

Foredeck Lane

Edisto Island

A contradiction

On a recent Sunday morning talk show, a concerned American politician asserted forcefully that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must “trust but verify” while dealing with factions based in the Gaza Strip.

“Trust, but verify” was one of President Ronald Reagan’s favorite sayings. He often used it when discussing U.S. relations with the Soviet Union. His counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev once remarked, “You repeat that at every meeting,” to which Reagan answered, “I like it.”

During efforts to clean up the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, President Obama and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal both declared that one ought to trust but verify.

“Trust but verify” may have a nice ring to it, but it’s wholly illogical and contradictory, something Yogi Berra might have said.

If you trust a person, you don’t investigate him. And if you find it necessary to check up on someone, you obviously don’t trust him or her.

H.J. Beaujon, Ph.D.

Cessna Avenue


Easy on DeMint

In response to a Dec. 8 letter writer who is quite peeved with Jim DeMint for leaving before the end of his term, I have this advice: Take a deep breath.

If you gave Sen. DeMint your support, your money and your vote, give him the benefit of the doubt that he believes what he did was right for the state of South Carolina.

Maybe he thinks he could have more influence in another capacity. Perhaps, instead of pure fecklessness as you suggest, he is actually acting selflessly.

I don’t know for sure. But if this opens up the door for another true conservative like Tim Scott to represent this great state, then I say, thank you, Jim DeMint.

Kellie C. Burnup

Saint Johns Lane


Title flaw

The only thing wrong with the title Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell is the “lieutenant.”

Lenny Branch

Houston Northcutt Boulevard

Mount Pleasant