A Mount Pleasant man was injured while trying to stop a driver who allegedly sped through his neighborhood in the Pleasant Pines subdivision, according to police.

The man told police he was dragged by a Jeep after confronting the driver Sunday on Pleasant Pines Road. He told investigators he had seen the black Wrangler traveling at about 50 mph and speeding up as it entered the neighborhood, according to an incident report.

When the Jeep came back around, the man walked in front of the vehicle to get the driver to slow down, police said. The man said he attempted to talk to the driver, a male teenager, but the driver refused to talk with him, a police report stated.

When the driver also refused to turn the car off, the man reached into the Jeep in an attempt to grab the keys, he told police. Thatís when the driver allegedly drove off with the man still partially in the vehicle, police said.

The man told police he was dragged for an unspecified distance before he fell to the ground, the report stated. He had several cuts on his body, police stated.

The man told officers there is an ongoing problem with speeders in the neighborhood, although he had never contacted police about the problem before.

Later that night, the manís daughter spotted the Jeep on Houston Northcutt Boulevard and started following the vehicle, police said. The Jeepís occupants noticed the tail and called police. The driver and a passenger told officers they had been confronted by a man in the Pleasant Pines neighborhood earlier in the day.

The Jeepís driver told police that when the man reached into his car to take his keys, he got scared and ďso he drove away,Ē the report stated.

The passenger in the Jeep recorded that confrontation on his cellphone. Police noted that they could hear the man cussing at the teenagers and demanding they turn the car off, according to the report.

No charges have been filed in the case, and the case has been closed, police Maj. Stan Gragg said.