Socks are just something most people take for granted. If they get damaged, lost or stolen by the magical sock gnomes that live in the dryer, we just buy new ones. But not everyone has that luxury.

Summerville sixth-grader Jordan Crabb noticed in 2009 while volunteering at a Christmas festival that many of the kids going into the jump castle didn’t have socks.

“When I put their shoes back on, I was so sad to feel their cold little feet,” she told The Post and Courier back then.

She founded Warm Feet Happy Hearts the next year, which is an organization that has sock drives to make sure that no child, even as far away as Uganda, Swaziland and the Philippines, goes without that much-needed warmth.

“Both of us really thought ... socks? Are you sure you want to collect socks? This was something we didn’t realize was needed until our first distribution event three months later,” Jordan’s mother, Shelley Gordon, said about her and husband James’ reaction to Jordan’s new mission.

“I think it’s important because it’s a basic necessity that everyone needs. You can get frostbite, or you can lose your foot,” Jordan said.

This Thanksgiving, the organization gave away 2,700 pairs of socks, which depleted their supply for the year. They are asking for donations at several locations so they can provide at least 5,000 socks for children during Christmas.

“What motivates me is whenever we distribute, seeing the kid’s faces and how excited they are. They love the socks and they really need them,” Jordan said.

The Gordons said they have seen Jordan’s organization, which she started when she was 10, grow along with her.

“She always had a sweet, kind heart and we’ve seen more of a growth in sensitivity and awareness in the needs of other kids,” they said.

In addition to sock donations, Warm Feet Happy Hearts is asking for organizations and businesses to host their own drives or become a location where people can donate.

For more information or to donate money to purchase socks, go to

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