Goose Creek City Council on Tuesday put the brakes on a bid that might have extended the city limits all the way to Moncks Corner.

It rescinded a resolution passed in October that could have led to the annexation of homes and businesses along U.S. Highway 52, roughly from the Goose Creek City Hall to Cypress Gardens Road. The area abuts Google property and runs close to Alcoa, both of which have said they do not want to be annexed.

Mayor Mike Heitzler said business owners are against annexation because “none of them want to have to put up with the regulations that Goose Creek would have.”

In October, council certified a petition from 25 percent of the property owners calling for a vote by affected landowners in January. If the vote passed, council would then decide whether to annex.

But Tuesday they negated that action with a resolution that says they were doing so “to maintain and enhance the harmonious relationships previously established with the surrounding neighbors of Goose Creek.”

“City Council decided that they didn’t want to upset those businesses (that could be annexed),” Heitzler said.

He cast the lone dissenting vote.

“I believe it is wrong to certify a petition and then uncertify it,” he said. “(Property owners) have the right to vote and you should let them vote.”

He said it is not a dead issue. Council members agreed they would reconsider it, but said they need more information.

“I would first like to see what benefits it would have,” Councilman Jerry Tekac said.

Heitzler said he is worried about the future of that area if it is not annexed.

“I invite all of you to drive that four miles ... and imagine what that road will look like in 10 years,” he said. “I believe that it’s important that the city of Goose Creek have oversight ... so that that highway is not made ugly and sullied. That’s exactly what’s going to happen.”

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