Pleasant view

Kudos to the town of Mount Pleasant for the beautification efforts under way with the Highway 17 expansion project.

This driver really appreciates the new landscaping, the colored and stamped concrete medians and the attractive light posts and copper lamps on the Bowman overpass.

These touches aren’t completely necessary, but they sure do make the driving experience a notch better.

These decisions reflect well on the town. Good work.

Jay Karen

Pierce Street

Daniel Island

A mismatch

Brian Hicks’ recent column attacking U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint reminds me of a midget attacking a giant. One of Hicks’ complaints against the senator is that he failed to grab all the federal money that he could have.

Sen. DeMint is not only a resident of South Carolina but a U.S. citizen who believes that when a government is in a deep financial hole it should stop digging.

Mr. Hicks should take a long vacation and visit Spain, Italy and Greece and see what happens when governments try to play Santa the year around.

Kenneth Anderson Jr.

Planters Curve

Mount Pleasant

A classy classic

Few football rivalries can match Army-Navy, and the 2012 game was a classic — hard fought and intense, the outcome in doubt until the last minute, with a heart-breaking finish.

But what really set this game apart was the comportment of the players — no gesticulating and showboating after big plays. Even though they drew on every last speck of their will to win, their respect for the opponent was evident, giving the game a dignity rarely seen any more.

Attention, NFL. Watch this game to see how to behave when you grow up.

Richard H. Gross

Oak Marsh Drive

Mount Pleasant

Yes, we do

In a Dec. 7 letter to the editor, Robin Welch wrote, “The people on James and Johns islands do not want I-526.”

I, as a voting, taxpaying resident of James Island for over 25 years, say that Ms. Welch neither speaks for nor represents me.

Further, common sense says that she does not represent all the residents on James and Johns islands.

It is misleading to say that this is what the people on James Island want. This is not what the people on James Island want, only some of the people.

Those who live in the greater Charleston area — the community, inclusive of James and Johns islands — have already indicated in a survey what they want, and that is its completion.

Its completion is necessary for James and Johns islands, and for the greater Charleston area. It will be a great future benefit to all living in the greater Charleston area, and Mayor Riley understands this.

Three cheers for Mayor Riley for such good foresight. Ask those who were originally against the James Island connector what they think of it now and what our quality of life would be like without it.

Johns Island will undergo development whether we like it or not. It’s a way of life. It can’t be stopped. Twenty years from now the cost will be greater.

I notice signs on Harbor View Road thanking Joe Qualey for not supporting its completion.

I will thank him, too, when it comes time to vote for Charleston County Council members.

Thomas Baranoski

Clearview Drive


Fitting tributes

Thanks for the Dec. 7 memorial editorial on Dr. Maria Goodloe-Johnson. Indeed, she was that and more to the students she served. The torch that steered Charleston County Schools into the competitive 21st century: She led unwaveringly.

While her trailblazing tactics seemingly robbed some in the community, she remained focused on pushing for the higher standards she knew we could attain. Her untiring efforts have since become the foundation for all that we are now doing in the CCSD.

Dr. Nancy McGinley’s blueprint is what she assisted Dr. Goodloe-Johnson in developing for this culturally diverse community. Living under the same roof and sharing resources promote a learning environment that fosters traits needed for community building.

Also, thanks to Burke High School leadership and Mr. McCloud for remembering her during the band’s Christmas recital.

We are family.

W. H. Rose

Ashton Street


A bridge too high

I find great irony in two Post and Courier stories about the S.C. Department of Transportation.

A Dec. 5 article reported on an SCDOT public hearing regarding replacement of the Highway 41 bridge over the Wando River. At the hearing, the SCDOT informed attendees that it was going to build a 55-foot fixed span bridge because if couldn’t afford to build a “bascule” type bridge such as is currently there.

The cost of the 55-foot bridge wasn’t noted in the article, but I’m certain it was more than the 35-foot bridge many citizens in attendance were in favor of.

In the Dec. 8 edition of The Post and Courier, there was an article about a DOT-commissioned task force that had studied S.C. roadways and determined SCDOT would have a $30 billion shortfall for maintenance and needed projects in the next 20 years.

No one disputes the fact that the Highway 41 bridge needs to be replaced, but building a 55-foot bridge over the Wando River for what?

Three or four boats that are moored north of the bridge and need occasional access to the lower part of the river?

I’ve been on the waterways north of the 41 bridge and have never seen a boat too tall to fit under the current bridge. A new bridge needs to be higher than the current one, but 55 feet is ridiculous.

SCDOT can’t fund the projects it needs for the next 20 years, but they are going to waste money on a much bigger bridge than needed for the Highway 41 bridge.

It makes you wonder who lives north of the Highway 41 bridge and has “the juice” to make this happen. Apparently someone with a tall sailboat.

Dan Kilgore

Ashmont Drive


Buy local

On behalf of the food and artisan vendors of the Charleston Farmers Market, I would like to thank Mayor Joe Riley, city staff, and the wonderful parks crew for their support of the CFM throughout the years.

The patronage of the local community has been instrumental in the growth and sustainability of this vibrant and beautiful market.

This year, we had an increased number of local customers who told us that they had committed to buying “local” this holiday season.

I hope that everyone of you got the heartfelt “thank you,” that you deserve, and the satisfaction of knowing that your purchases help to support the local economy.

For many of us, this market is our commitment and our livelihood. With your continued enthusiasm for our efforts, we hope that the Charleston Farmers Market will always be an attraction to downtown Charleston for both our residents and visitors from around the world.

Debby McGregor

Acacia Street


Holiday parade

What a relief to have something enjoyable on television. There was the city of Charleston holiday parade in all its stimulating variety and fun.

I expected news, but this was a festive treat. For once I was glad to sit before the television. Thanks, Channel 2.

Ellen Shoener

Foxborough Road

Goose Creek

Sorely missed

It’s another reason for a depressing season — no Coburg eggnog.

Frank Cone

Dominion Court