Charleston police arrested a Myrtle Beach man for wearing a black mask and sunglasses while standing outside of a bank.

Police say on April 28 Joshua Thomas Austin, 26, of Red Fox Road in Myrtle Beach was standing outside of TD Bank on East Bay Street wearing a black toboggan hat, black sunglasses and a black mask.

Austin turned away and pulled down his mask when he spotted police, an incident report states.

Austin told police he was waiting in line to use the automated teller machine to get money to buy dog food.

When asked why he was wearing a mask, Austin said he had Psoriasis that affects his entire body and too much exposure to the sun could harm his skin, according to the report.

Officers noted, however, that Austin had on cargo shorts and was bare-footed, the report said.

Police arrested Austin for violating a law on masked or disguised persons.

Austin failed to appear in court on May 1, and was arrested Tuesday on a bench warrant, police spokesman Charles Francis said.

Austin faces up to 30 days in jail.