Fearful times

I know I am dating myself, but long ago the The Kingston Trio recorded a song which is emblematic of today’s financial and political climate.

The lyrics say, “These are the times that try men’s souls.”


Look at what is going on around us.

We are no longer the most respected, financially or economically sound country in the world.

We are becoming an entitlement society bordering on socialism.

Our international policy is in shambles.

We certainly do not lead in education.

The debt our children and grandchildren will inherit is staggering.

Due to the existing Robin Hood government philosophy, there is no reward for hard work and monetary success.

Finally, we are embroiled in a senseless class-warfare struggle that leads nowhere.

And what are our president and Congress doing about it?

Playing a high-stakes game of chicken.

Scary, isn’t it?


Tranquility Lane

Edisto Island

Yes to I-526

At its core, the debate about I-526 ultimately comes down to the right of a community to decide its own fate.

According to a recent survey, over 70 percent responded by saying yes to building I-526 as an expressway

It’s time to build.

William J. Gomez

Lazy River Drive


Help students

Lincoln Middle High School is a small school located on the northern end of Charleston County. Although small in size, its makes up for that with hard work and determination.

In this pressing economy many schools and businesses have suffered major budget cuts.

Lincoln has an even smaller budget, which means that it lacks many of the resources needed to support student achievement.

I am president of the Parent Teacher Student Association at Lincoln. Other PTSA members and I have been advocating on behalf of our school. One of our goals is to support our school’s “Literacy Push” program.

We would like to equip our school’s library with at least 60 electronic tablets (BN Nook, Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7, iPad, etc.) that would be accessible for the students to use.

The PTSA is determined to aid our school in improving literacy school wide. This is the age of technology, and we feel the need to utilize the tools of our era.

We have been attempting to tap into various resources but have not been unsuccessful.

Lincoln is located at least 25 to 30 miles from the closest major retail business. This puts us at a disadvantage when it comes to donation requests.

We are hoping that in the spirit of this holiday season, we will find individuals or businesses willing to help us accomplish our goal.

If you are one of those ordinary people, or a business that loves to do extraordinary things, then we have been looking for you.

Please contact La’Sonya C. Blake at 714 Lincoln Road, McClellanville, S.C. 29458 or at 843-214-8305 if you wish to help us in our efforts.


PTSA President

Lincoln Middle High School


Eroded trust

What do you do about something when there’s nothing you can do?

You feel helpless.

That’s how I feel about Benghazi, Libya, where four Americans were murdered on Sept. 11.

There was a time I trusted the government to get to the bottom of things like this. But today I have no confidence that will happen.

Four brave Americans were murdered by terrorists, but because it happened in the middle of a presidential election, it wasn’t given priority status.

I believe people at the highest levels of our government have blood on their hands.

But just mentioning this massacre is being called “obsessing.”

When I served in a war zone many years ago, I knew someone always had my back. It’s not the same today.

I don’t know why anyone would serve in the military, the diplomatic corps or special operations, knowing that if they are attacked, as in Benghazi, they’re on their own.

Americans like Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and his small team are all over the Middle East. The people and their governments don’t like or trust us. They see us as occupying their lands, and they want us out. I don’t blame them.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan aren’t worth one more drop of American blood — especially if our government doesn’t have our people’s backs or if we’re not there to win.

Charlie Lybrand

Register of Mesne


Cloudmont Drive


A good deal

A Tuesday article stated that employees will pay a “new $63-per-head fee” for their medical insurance to cover pre-existing conditions.

Is that an annual or a monthly fee?

The basic Associated Press story makes it clear.

The article reported: “It set the per capita rate at $5.25 per month, which works out to $63 a year.”

Why was this sentence taken out by The Post and Courier?

But more importantly, ask anyone whether he would pay an extra $5.25 per month in insurance, so that he could be sure that if he changed jobs or got a new job ­— and his new insurance did not cover pre-existing conditions — he could still afford to pay for his child’s asthma medicine or his wife’s breast cancer surgery.

I will pay it gladly, even though my insurance covers pre-existing conditions.

Jim Cubie

Awendaw Landing Road


Wellness program

Two years ago, Charleston County School District Superintendent Nancy McGinley joined local health and community partners to announce the Employee Wellness Initiative, designed to help teachers and other employees adopt healthier lifestyles.

As part of that program, school nurses throughout the county were challenged to develop school wellness committees to address health-related issues and implement strategies to encourage wellness in our schools.

Thanks to generous funding from Boeing, via MUSC’s “Lean Team,” schools throughout Charleston County have done some amazing things to promote a healthier culture, not only for our teachers and employees, but also for our students.

We have long believed that schools provide a venue to promote healthier lifestyles. But it is important to stress that without Boeing, the Lean Team and Dr. McGinley’s enthusiasm, these goals would be difficult to accomplish.

Last year, more than 50 schools participated in this program, and even more are doing so today.

We believe this is just the beginning.

We have lots of great ideas for the future, but we always need help.

If you have children in a Charleston County public school, we encourage you to contact your school nurse to find out how you can participate in promoting health and wellness within your school.

Kathy Nash, R.N., BSN

School Nurse

Belle Hall Elementary School Egypt Road

Mount Pleasant

Obama’s real goal

The president is lying. Raising taxes on those making $250,000 or more will basically do nothing to reduce the debt.

This is raw partisan politics, not economics.

You can tax everyone making $100,000 or more and get the same minuscule result. You can confiscate every penny Warren Buffett has and run the government for only a few days.

Folks, we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

Obama has borrowed more money than George Washington through George W. Bush’s first term, over $1 trillion each year of his presidency. A trillion dollars is equivalent to stacking $1,000 bills for 68 miles.

On steroids, Obama has created more than five of those in only four years.

To place this kind of debt on our children and grandchildren is immoral. We must cut spending and reform entitlements.

Obama wants tax hikes now, spending cuts later; he really wants more spending and more power. Spending creates a bigger and more powerful government.

True to form, he says he wants another stimulus. It won’t work.

The government has no money of its own. It must take money from the private sector, so every dollar of government spending displaces a dollar of private sector spending. Because of politics and bureaucratic incompetence, the real result is a negative or more debt.

Obama has no interest in restoring the economy. His behavior indicates he hates American capitalism. He has repeatedly stated he intends to fundamentally transform America.

Obama lived and taught Saul Alinsky’s garbage for years. Alinsky, a father of community organizing who specialized in radical change and revolution, put forward rules:

1) To achieve power, say and do whatever it takes.

2) Cloak your actions in morality (fairness).

3) Progress is achieved through conflict and chaos.

4) Destroying the old creates the new.

Does Obama want to go over the fiscal cliff?

Of course he does.

Bill Bissette

Short Street


False alarm

The United Nations “climate panel” is at it again (“Scientist: Sandy, warming related,” Nov. 28), this time with one member suggesting that Hurricane Sandy and global warming are connected.

That this association would be made was predictable.

A U.S. climatologist is quoted as saying, “The sea level in New York City is a foot higher than a century ago because of man-made climate change.”

Oh, really?

These “new world order” people continue to claim that climate change is the result of human activity, when the earth has undergone many climate cycles for tens of millions of years, some long before human existence.

They attribute warming almost solely to carbon dioxide emissions, and their solution is to cap emissions and tax countries that exceed the arbitrary limits they set.

The real aim of these U.N. climate change alarmists is to give governments ever-increasing control over human activity — what we drive and eat, where we live and work, the size of our family and more.

Their unstated goal is to cripple “evil” capitalism and to make us all feel guilty for assaulting Mother Earth. They gain control of economic growth and diminish standards of living in the developed world.

Our U.S. signers-on, with a wink and a nod to the Environmental Protection Agency, have essentially declared war on carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring substance emitted by green vegetation and essential to most life forms.

Those who want policies to punish Western countries economically are acting with entirely political purposes. They declare that the cause of climate change is “settled science,” even when some “scientists” have manipulated study findings to fit their models. Remember the climate change scandal uncovered in emails at a British university back in 2009?

They play on the emotions and ignorance of the populace with the assurance of cover from the majority of the news media.

Just ask who benefits.

To find the answer, follow the power and follow the money.

Mike Schwartz

Divot Court

Mount Pleasant