MOUNT PLEASANT —The company that drove a Guilty Pleasures sign through the throngs gathered for Sunday evening’s Christmas Parade was guilty of not telling the town about it beforehand.

And town officials heard from several who were not pleased to see the holiday ad for the adult-themed store.

Town Administrator Eric DeMoura released a statement saying the town is aware of the sign advertising an adult-themed business, adding, “The town neither sanctioned nor approved the advertising.”

He said the person in charge of the float didn’t disclose information about the sign in its entry form, as required.

But Tom Gibbs, whose Charleston Cool Bus carried the sign in question, didn’t understand the fuss.

“The mayor and chief of police were right outside the bus” near the staging area, he said. “To have no one say anything (Sunday) only to find this stuff going on today, I’m just confused. I don’t get it.”

The banner alongside the yellow bus — which party-goers can rent as a limousine — featured a Santa Claus, the company’s name and the slogans “Gifts for the naughty and nice!!!” and “Guilt free shopping in a comfortable and upscale atmosphere.”

“Maybe I’m off the mark, but if that’s offensive … then we’ve lost our sense of humor,” Gibbs said.

While the town is not expected to try to cite or fine the Cool Bus, it does plan to tell Gibbs that many were not amused by his bus.

“We do not support the adult-themed advertising presented on the float,” DeMoura’s statement said. “The language was contrary to the family-friendly nature of the parade and brought controversy to an otherwise exceptional parade.”

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