Drivers will see dense fog this morning before the skies turn partly cloudy for the day. The warm weather continues with high temperatures reaching the upper 70ís today.

The coast will be a bit cooler with a high temperature of 70, according to the National Weather Service. Southwest winds will be about 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. Tonight, the skies remain mostly cloudy and low temperatures will be around 60.

The rest of the week may bring a few showers before the temperatures cool back up. Tomorrow thereís likely a 20 percent chance of showers during the day and 40 percent at night. High temperatures will be around the upper 60ís and lows in the lower 50ís.

The chance of rain is highest this week on Wednesday night with a 70 percent chance and low temperatures in the 40ís.

Thursday and Friday look to be clear. Saturday and Sunday could see partly to mostly cloudy skies. The temperatures during the rest of the week and weekend will remain around a high of the 60ís and lows in the 50ís.