Gov. Nikki Haley acknowledged today it might make sense in some ways to appoint a “placeholder” to serve the next two years of U.S. Sen Jim DeMint’s Senate seat. But Haley also said she isn’t inclined to do that, furthering speculation that U.S. Rep. Tim Scott might get the nod.

“As I continue to consider the impending U.S. Senate vacancy, many have discussed the possibility of a ‘placeholder’ appointee who would pledge to serve for only two years and not seek election to the seat in 2014,” Haley said in a statement today. “While there are some good arguments in favor of that approach, I believe the better case is against it.”

Haley said she doesn’t want to tie the hands of the state’s next U.S. Senator.

Haley is expected to announce soon who she will appoint to take over for DeMint, who surprised many by announcing last week he will resign to head the Heritage Foundation, a conservative Washington think tank.

Scott, the Charleston area Congressman who is set to become the only black Republican remaining there next year, is believed to be high on Haley’s list of possible appointments.