ST. GEORGE — Twenty-year Dorchester County Councilman Richard Rosebrock took the trip, and he got the T-shirt this week at his last council meeting.

Rosebrock did not run for re-election.

The retired computer analyst wasn’t your usual politician. Soft-spoken and gentlemanly, he is a mix of a hard-core conservative and an ardent environmental conservation champion.

Appointed to council in 1992, he took over as chairman in 1995 after winning his first election. At the time he was considered the most conservative member of a council in a bedrock conservative county.

He asked council for resolutions calling for a return of school prayer and supporting the Ten Commandments.

Replaced by Bill Hearn as chairman in 1997, he was the choice of a council “coup” to oust Hearn as chairman in 1998. In between, the two councilmen jostled over a proposal to supply non-uniform county employees with logo polo shirts. Rosebrock opposed it as a waste of taxpayer dollars.

As Rosebrock was lauded at the meeting this week, Hearn presented a goodbye gift: a logo county T-shirt. The shirt wasn’t bought with public money, Hearn assured him. And it has Rosebrock’s name on it, so he has to keep it.