The supervisor for a James Island mailman arrested last month on a charge of sniffing canned air turned in the employee for the same crime Tuesday, according to an incident report.

Timothy Edwin Hampton, 33, of Blaze Lane faces another count of using aromatic hydrocarbon.

A Charleston Police Department incident report said officers were summoned around 12:40 p.m. to a Loweís Home Improvement store on Daniel Ellis Drive.

In the parking lot, Hamptonís boss at the Postal Service said Hampton recently had been cleared for work after he was arrested in early November for huffing canned air.

His supervisor told a police officer Tuesday that she had found Hampton slumped in the driverís seat of his Buick sedan with a white canister in his lap.

It was not known how Hamptonís boss had come across the scene or whether Hampton was supposed to be working at the time. A post office is located about a half-mile away.

The police officer found the 10-ounce container of RCA dusting air underneath the tire of a pickup parked near Hamptonís Buick. Hampton acknowledged that the can was his and that he had consumed its contents, the report stated.

He had bought the can from the Loweís store, according to the report.

Hampton told the police that he had just gotten out of rehabilitation.

On Nov. 2, officers found him in a sport-utility vehicle on James Island with three cans of canned air inside. At the time, he said he had been sniffing several cans a day for a few months.

Hampton was jailed in lieu of a $1,000 bail.

A state law illegalizes the sniffing of canned air, but Hamptonís arrests have come during a period when Charleston city officials have considered adopting the state law in city codes.

Two deaths reported since 2009 in Charleston County have been attributed to huffing, the coronerís office said. When inhaled, the air can affect the brain, lungs and nerves, experts said, and can cause sudden death.

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