Savory latkes

Can’t find your grandmother’s latke recipe? Hanukkah cooking schedule too tight? The folks at Manischewitz have added new flavors to their potato pancake mixes: garlic and rosemary, and veggie (carrots, celery, tomatoes, bell pepper, spinach). We found them simple to make (stir in eggs and water, fry in oil), crisp-edged and tasty. Their texture? Smoother than a traditional, shredded-potato latke. A 6-ounce box (makes 18-24 pancakes) is $3.79 at grocers nationwide or

‘Maccabee Meals’

With the whimsically illustrated cookbook, “Maccabee Meals: Food and Fun for Hanukkah,” children can take part in holiday preparations. Recipes, rated for difficulty, range from simple (egg cream, menorah sandwich) to sufganiyot. (“An adult should be nearby to supervise.”) There are recipes for eight kinds of latkes, kitchen and etiquette tips, mini-stories (the dreidel, etc.), candle blessings and crafts. ($8.95 at

Christmas molds

The “12 Days of Christmas” are captured in a new line of cookie molds based on the holiday carol. They’re from House on the Hill and were commissioned by owner/instructor Connie Meisinger. The original designs of the wood resin composite molds can be used to bake springerle, gingerbread or shortbread as well as shape marzipan. The roughly 2-by-3-inch molds are $28.50 each at houseonthe