I am writing to inform you about the concerns of obesity. With all the talk about making schools healthier, nothing is being done. There are still junk food machines in schools.

The kids in high school are only required to take and pass gym once. They get no time for recess, whereas in middle school they still are allowed to have recess.

The snack machines in schools are not the least bit healthy. They are filled with junk food, ice cream, and soda.

The food they serve in the cafeteria is no better. They serve pizza, and most schools count the sauce on the pizza as a vegetable.

They do serve salads in my school. But the salads have become smaller in volume, and are of poor quality, with limited items of high nutritional value.

In middle school, the kids take physical education each year.

They also are allotted time for recess before or after lunch. This shows that they at least get exercise during the school day.

But, they have the choice to sit out of P.E. and get a failing grade.

In high school, the kids are only required to take physical education once to graduate. Some schools may require that the kids take it every year, but not all schools, and definitely not mine.

After you finish middle school, you no longer have recess at Colleton County High School.

I believe that something should be done about this.

As a high school student, I can see the other side, and I know that the other kids would not like the idea of having the snack machines taken away.

Others would say that even if you take them away, kids can still bring snacks and soda from home.

Yes, this is true, but if parents limit their kids, taking these things away and replacing them with snack machines offering better choices, such as fruits and vegetables, will help

Otherwise, we will make no progress, and there will be no difference, or maybe it will be worse.

Becca-Ann Hoff

Rehoboth Road