‘Tease’ bar

I always enjoy Warren Wise’s insights into the area’s business trends. However, at times Mr. Wise presupposes a level of knowledge and sophistication in his readership that simply does not exist.

Case in point: In the Nov. 26 Business magazine there was a brief note about the grand opening of the Tease Dry Bar. The article mentioned that guests would have an opportunity to win a $100 tease tab. Imagine my confusion. The terms “dry bar” and “tab” initially gave me the impression that alcohol sales were involved. But the term “tease” was confusing.

Although I have been teased at a bar, it would not seem to be a major selling point. I then recalled that “tease” could refer to hairstyling, but the idea of merging haircutting and cocktails frankly disgusted me. Random thought: is this the source of the phrase “hair of the dog that bit you”?

My next step was obviously the Internet. And for my fellow dinosaurs, this is what I discovered: Tease Dry Bar provides for “no more waiting weeks until your cut or color to get the look and feel of great salon hair. ... We wash, blow and style your hair in under 45 minutes for just $35.”

They apparently have six different styles, from “trendsetter to sophisticate.” I’m quite certain my hairstyle has never been so described. “Tease is an affordable luxury for busy women on the go (girls and men too).” Men too?

I was intrigued about the possibility for a moment, until they suggested that I tap into my “inner Goddess.” Oh well.

Glad I could help.

John R. Young

Brianna Lane


Church’s mission

Not since medieval theologians debated the question of “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?” has an issue so profoundly trival diverted the church from its essential mission as the controversy being stirred up by the Episcopal Bishop of South Carolina.

Surely, he can find something more important to worry about like, say, the Goose Creek High School football team.


Water Street


On the job

I know it was quite stressful for Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell to give up his Senate Pro Tem position, but, everyone should know the amazing job he is doing as the lieutenant governor.

He hit the ground running, with a wonderful positive attitude.

One of his duties is the Office of the Aging. He is diligently trying to find out where and how we can make improvements in the lives of our senior citizens.

Lt. Gov. McConnell always has the most infectious smile on his face and he has a wonderful “let’s get the job done” attitude.

We are lucky and should be very proud that he is from Charleston because it gives us bragging rights.

He will go down in our history books as someone who cared deeply for the people of South Carolina.

Sandi Engelman

Julia Street


Fix fiscal mess

Despite my utter disappointment with the election and the direction our country is headed, I remain a devoted American, full of hope, in love with our democracy and as vigilant as ever against the destruction of our collective sense of personal responsibility.

Not only the president, but also the Republican House leadership must play a part in curing the fiscal mess that our government has forced upon us.

House Majority Leader John Boehner, as well as the nation’s Republican voters, will have to face the fact that additional tax revenues will be needed to finance the out-of-control spending they have created.

Obama has proved that he will ignore our Constitution by circumventing Congress to achieve his spending goals. Boehner can either propose a somewhat palatable remedy or allow Obama to continue to issue executive orders, while blaming the Republican-controlled House.

A sensible bill from Boehner would increase the probability of public backlash against the president should he issue executive orders or targeted tax increases. Recognizing this, the president might cooperate with the House.

The House could suggest a new national sales tax in conjunction with some general tax increases. A sales tax properly affects the growing base of non-taxpaying voters as well as the near minority of Americans who actually pay income taxes. It might spur the 47 percent to protest out-of-control tax-and-spend policies.

Our public will demand sensible spending when they play a role in funding entitlement programs.

If this sacrifice isn’t offered, the fiscal cliff may be closer than we think.

Jeff Agan

Red Bay Road

Kiawah Island

No-pledge pledge

I am 70-plus and have voted Republican or Independent for many years. I am making myself a new pledge:

I will not vote for any elected official stupid enough to give up his decision-making options to non-elected persons.

How the Republicans can be so blind and weak as to let a non-elected person like Grover Norquist manipulate an entire political body to bend to his will is beyond me.

I will not vote for any Republican who has any relationship with Norquist and who does not have the strength of character to resist manipulation by extremists like Norquist.

If enough other people make the pledge as I do, maybe we can get some leaders with enough strength of character to lead, not follow someone like Norquist.


21st Avenue

Isle of Palms