Charleston County deputies and North Charleston police found $4,000 worth of stolen jewelry and silver during a traffic stop early Friday.

Deputies pulled over Wade Krauel, 28, of West Dolphin Street, on Ashley Phosphate at Plantation Road, an incident report stated.

Deputies did not specify why Krauel was stopped but said North Charleston police arrived at the scene to assist.

While searching Krauel’s vehicle, investigators noticed several pieces of sterling silver dinnerware that were covered with a green fabric bag, the report said.

A woman had called police on Tuesday, and reported her home had been ransacked, an incident report said.

She reported $200,000 worth of jewelry, $700 worth of silver, $100 worth of medication and $700 in cash stolen, the report said.

Police spokesman Spencer Pryor said Friday that investigators had not yet verified the value of the missing items.

When asked about the silver in his car, Krauel told investigators his girlfriend asked him to pawn the items after she inherited them from her aunt.

Detectives examined the items and found that they matched the description given by the victim, including having her name engraved on the bottom of one of the pieces, the report said.

Investigators searched a room Krauel was staying in at the Masters Inn on Rivers Avenue and found a large amount of jewelry and more silver, the report said.

Police arrested Krauel and charged him with possession of stolen goods. His bail was set at $50,000, according to court records.

Police were still investigating whether Krauel was tied to the actual burglary, Pryor said.