CLEMSON — Former Pinewood Prep star Milton Jennings will not play against South Carolina on Sunday as the Clemson forward will be suspended for a second straight game following his Wednesday arrest on a marijuana possession charge.

Clemson coach Brad Brownell told reporters on Friday that Jennings will likely return next Saturday versus Arizona.

Despite the arrest, Brownell feels Jennings has made progress over the last two years on and off the court.

The suspension is third time in 11 months Jennings has been suspended: once for a verbal confrontation on the sideline with Brownell last December, once for academic reasons in January and now his drug arrest.

Jennings’ former AAU coach, Rufus McDonald, drove to Clemson on Thursday to ask Brownell to give Jennings, a senior, one last chance.

“Coach Brad Brownell is in a tough spot. I gained a great appreciation of him (Thursday),” McDonald said. “Many coaches would make a snap, quick decision. I really think (Brownell) is in Milt’s corner. I don’t think it’s just ‘hey this kid is going to help me win some games,’ I don’t think it’s that. Everyone knows they are going to have a moderate year at best.

“He’s not doing it to salvage the season. I think he is taking his time because he is in Milt’s corner and he can help this young man not just today but down the road.”

Brownell told McDonald that Jennings had his best “six months” with the program until Wednesday’s arrest.

Jennings leads Clemson in scoring with 10.8 points per game.