Of all household chores, dusting is my least favorite. I donít know why. There are certainly dirtier jobs such as cleaning toilets. But when it comes to dusting, I find myself procrastinating until a thick layer of the grime covers every shelf, nook and cranny.

Iíve tried to reach back in my file to retrieve some childhood memory that could have repulsed me from this chore but have found none. Of course, I did read once that dust is really dried human skin cells that slough off and cover any nearby surface. Yuck! Thatís enough to make any woman cringe.

I guess itís the tedious nature of the task that I abhor. Removing every object from a shelf to wipe it clean and then replacing each object seems so repetitive for such little reward. Then there is the perfectionist side of me that gets in the way. I have to make sure that each object is strategically placed in the exact spot it was in. So I step back, look at the results, and usually unsatisfied, adjust the items and take another look. Before I realize it, I could have cleaned the entire house in the amount of time that it has taken me to dust one shelf!

Over time, technology has made great strides in the advancement of tools needed for dusting. However, after trying some of the more modern approaches, I always return to my reliable old dust rag and furniture polish in an aerosol can. Yes, I know aerosol is bad for the environment. But Iíve tried the newer dusters and pump spray cans, and they just donít seem to give me the satisfaction I need.

Many women make dusting a weekly event. Not this old gal. Six or eight weeks may pass. Of course, dust accumulation on blinds and curtains is allowed a much longer life span.

Donít get me wrong. I love a clean house. The odor of a freshly mopped floor or a thoroughly scrubbed bathroom brings great pleasure to my senses. The lemony smell of some dusting sprays can give me that same feeling. But for some reason, the chore of dusting always seems to land on the bottom of my list.

I know Iím giving dusting a bad rap. I guess I should re-evaluate this chore to give it its due. But for some reason, my inner angst just wonít let me.

So for now, I will applaud all of you out there who can tackle this chore with speed and abandonment. Don your tools and commence with the task!

As for me, I choose to read a good book while the dust settles.

Cindy Robinson resides in Goose Creek with her husband of 34 years. Her hobbies are reading, writing and photography.