Too many bad things associated with sports prompted St. Andrew’s Parks and Playground to begin a program that honors good sportsmanship.

“We weren’t having problems, but everywhere you looked, you saw something negative — TV, print, the Internet,” said Tim Orvin, athletic director for St. Andrew’s.

“But there are some good stories out there, some kids here who have done things well. They are respectful to their opponents. They help another player up.”

Orvin said St. Andrew’s has had a child who shaved his head to be like his grandfather, who was undergoing cancer treatments. A young girl shows respect for her teachers, her coaches and fellow competitors.

Since St. Andrew’s began the program in May 2009, more than 100 youngsters have been recognized. Winners receive a medal on a lanyard with the words respect, integrity and character, which can be presented at events such as team parties.

“It’s for ages 9 and up,” Orvin said. “The team can vote, the coaches can vote. If you want, you can have more than one. There are some wonderful stories. We want to reward our kids who are good sports and remind people that there still is good sportsmanship.”

Criteria for the Youth Sportsmanship Awards include the following:

1. Tell everyone “good game” whether you have won or lost.

2. Cheer for your teammates whether you are winning or losing.

3. Applaud a good play whether you are winning or losing.

4. Help a teammate or an opponent up after falling down.

5. No trash-talking or taunting the opponent.

6. Listen to the coaches and follow their directions.

7. Do not make excuses for an error or losing, blame a teammate, etc.

8. Learn the rules of the game to become more knowledgeable.

9. Accept and respect the game officials’ calls and do not argue.

10. Tell the game officials “good game.”

11. Do not complain when you have to sit out.

12. Play fair and do not cheat.

13. Help keep the facility clean.

14. Does not fight.

15. Do not use profanity.

Fall winners were:

11-12 baseball: Will Mercer, Harris Teeter.

13-14 baseball: Joshua Heyward, Moe’s.

12U softball: Mary Austin, Piggly-Wiggly; Kaila Rhea, Piggly Wiggly.

Charleston United Soccer Club: Dalaun Pettigrew, U9 Fire; Arden Etter, U10 Sharks; Sarah Gordon, U11 Hurricanes; Eve Alexander, U11 Lightning; Emarie June, U14 Eagles; Ashley Whaley, U18 Fire; and Martha Dodd, U18 Ice.