Mary Todd, Isle of Palms

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Early one morning recently, my dogs alerted us to a baby raccoon whose front leg was trapped inside a long metal tube tethered to a tree by a large chain.

Unbeknownst to me, this medieval-appearing contraption was a leg trap, something I’d never seen before and thought was illegal in South Carolina.

It was disheartening to watch the frantic, futile efforts of the little fellow as he tried to climb up the old oak, but just as distressing was the clanking of the heavy metal chain that rattled every time he moved. He gazed at me with beautiful black eyes, watching me, needing help. I felt so helpless.

Luckily, through the quick action of a local rescuer and activist, Keeper of the Wild was contacted, and the wheels of rescue set into motion. I was astonished at how quickly this wonderful group sent someone out to the scene. The raccoon was quickly retrieved in a heroic effort by rescuers, who had to be mindful of being injured themselves by an angry, frightened raccoon, and at the same time, well, rescue the raccoon.

The raccoon was then transported for medical evaluation and treatment of his injured leg.

We spent a couple of days anxiously waiting to see if the little raccoon’s leg could be saved. Happily, his leg healed, thanks to the dedicated care and attention of the folks at Keeper of the Wild. The precious baby was then placed with a momma raccoon for rehabilitation and eventual release into the wild.

What an awesome group. Thank you, Keeper of the Wild!