So, you have veered your private plane a little off flight plan and too close to something you shouldn’t.

Don’t sweat it. F-16 fighter jets are about to turn up off both your wings to point out the error.

The pilot of a four-seat Cessna 337 plane found that out Friday morning, when the North American Aerospace Defense Command, better known as NORAD, dispatched two of the lethal fighters to intercept the plane off Charleston.

The plane was escorted to Charleston Executive Airport, according to a NORAD news release, and the pilot was instructed to contact the Federal Aviation Administration to get “further directions.”

It wasn’t the sort of instruction you would disregard.

NORAD’s mission is to prevent air attacks against the United States and Canada.

“The command is poised tactically and strategically in our nation’s capital to provide a multi-layered defense to detect, deter and prevent potential threats,” the release states.

In other words, don’t tread on them.