Mary Lee seems to like the Charleston area.

The satellite tag on the nearly two-ton great white shark pinged off the South Carolina coast near Isle of Palms at 8:21 p.m. tonight. Itís her second visit to the Lowcountry this month.

Mary Lee can be tracked on the website of Ocearch, a group that tags and monitors sharks. The group tagged the 16-foot shark in September and has been tracking her ever since.

Mary Lee pinged near Isle of Palms in early November, and she might have nosed into the Charleston Harbor on that trip.

She then traveled as far south as Florida, but was back in the Lowcountry on Thanksgiving, off the coast of Hunting Island. She made her way up the coast Friday and was off the Isle of Palms by this evening.

Mary Lee likely is feasting on streams of bait fish that have been moving offshore to the Gulf Stream.

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