Lauren Goss won the women’s division of the 35th annual Turkey Day Run and Gobble Wobble 5k for the third straight year. But Thursday’s victory was her closest call.

Turkey Day Run results

WomenOverall: 1. Lauren Goss 16:45.117. 2. Esther Erb, 16:45.284. 3. Cameron Brown, 17:36. 4. Hilary May 17:45; 5. Jeanne Stroud 17:50. 6. Rives Poe 17:58. 7. Jamie Turner 17:58. 8. Kathryn Ashton 18:12. 9. Caitlin Schier 18:17. 10. Katherine Logemann 18:18.Division winnersFemale master: Catherine Hollister 19:58. Grand master: Sarah Allers 20:00. 10 and under: Emma Brockinton 23.05. 11-14: Carly Hall 21:00. 15-19: Brianna Blanton 18:19. 20-24: Natalie Stoll 19:45. 25-29: Leann Young 19:29. 30-34: Maggie Gill 19:33. 35-39: Meg Crook 19:25. 40-44: Laura Boselowitz 20:24. 50-54: Kerry Robinson 20:26. 55-59: Ruth Marie Embler 20:55. 60-64: Mary Mauldin 23:35. 65-69: Anne Boone 25:20. 70 and over: Lynda Lazarchick 24:16.MenOverall: Brandon Hudgins 15:01. 2. A.J. Fitzsimmons 15:15. 3. Steve Rivard 15:28. 4. Eric Ashton 15:37. 5. Karl Walsh 15:37. 5. 6. Jay Upchurch 15:40. 7. Brian Johnson 15:42. 8. Sammy Livingston 15:50. 9. Evan Abdullah 15:51. 10. Sango Asante 16:05.Division winnersMale master: Irv Batten 16:22. Grand master: Marc Embler 17:19. 10 and under: Andrew DeArellano 20.57. 11-14: Jackson Ellenburg 17:32. 15-19: Guy McCarter 16:36. 20-24: Kyle Marshall 16:07. 25-29: Tyler Cross 17:02. 30-34: Joshua Brewer 16:53. 35-39: Jason Annan 17:03. 40-44: Greg Grown 17:13. 45-49: David Quick 18:08. 50-54: Mike Seekings 18:44. 55-59: Andy Tedesco 18:47. 60-64: Danny West 19:17. 65-69: Steve Annan 19:24. 70 and over: Roman Marks 24:01.

The former Wando High School student turned triathlete, who now lives and trains in Florida, won in a photo finish over Esther Erb of Blowing. Rock, N.C. Goss ran a time of 16 minutes, 45.117 seconds, while Erb’s time was 16:45.284. Cameron Brown of Charleston was third in 17:36.

“This was close,” Goss said. “It was an incredible race.”

Said Erb: “It was an epic duel.”

Brandon Hudgins, a 25-year-old Rock Hill resident, won the men’s division with a time of 15:01. A.J. Fitzsimmons of Mount Pleasant was second in 15:15, and Steve Rivard of Rock Hill was third in 15:28.

“This was close,” said Goss, who competed in 17 triathlons this year. “The pace I ran today was better than last year. Last year, my pace to begin the race was too fast. It was close all the way. The last 800 meters, I picked up the pace, but she was right behind me. The first mile I was running with a tailwind and the last mile there was a headwin. The last mile was really hard.”

The 3.1-mile course wound through historic downtown Charleston down Meeting to The Battery and back up King Street. Most of the course is flat with a slight descent in the first half of the race and rising on the return route.

The 24-year-old Goss, who graduated from Wando and Clemson, didn’t run in high school. She was a member of the Warriors’ swimming team and started competing in triathlons when she enrolled at Clemson. She is continually improving. USA Triathlon honored her as the 2010 Female Under-23 Athlete of the Year.

Why didn’t she run in high school?

“I ran 16:45 this year and 17:01 last year. In 2010, I ran a 17:32. I was injured in 2009, and in 2008 I ran a 21:30. That should tell you something.”

Hudgins, the men’s champ, competed in his first Turkey Day Run.

“I heard about it through the grapevine,” said Hudgins, who teaches physical education at a home for abused children. “I graduated from Northwestern High School and ran for App State and Winthrop. I was here trying to win some rent money.”

A record 5,672 finished.

The event is sponsored by the Knights of Columbus and is approximately 100 years old. It was first sponsored by Council No. 704 in 1914. The race has undergone various format changes throughout its history. In 1978, Council 704 reinvented the race in its current form, which encompasses a 3.1 mile run and walk. The event usually has participants from 35 states, Canada and Mexico.

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