South Carolina Education Superintendent Mick Zais will host a meeting Monday in North Charleston to discuss the state’s implementation of its new federal accountability system.

The meeting will be at 6 p.m. at Stall High, 3625 Ashley Phosphate Road in North Charleston. It is open to the public, and one of six scheduled to happen across the state.

The state requested and received a federal waiver from certain mandates of the No Child Left Behind law. That waiver is why the state began assigning letter grades to schools this year.

Another part of this request would evaluate teachers with “A” through “F” letter grades, and some educators have been fiercely opposed to that.

The state department is testing the system this year in 22 volunteer schools, and plans call it to be used in all schools by 2014-15.

The state Association of School Administrators recently presented an alternative to the state’s plan that gives ratings instead of grades and changes how student growth would be measured. That issue is contentious and could be discussed at the Monday meeting.