A company that provides inventory auditing services is opening in Dorchester County and creating 35 jobs, it was announced today.

Hiring information

Advanced Inventory Solutionsis in the process of hiring for the new positions. Anyone interested in job opportunities should contact Holle Gridley at616-459-8712 or humanresources@aisservice.com for further information.Go to www.aisservice.comfor more information about the company.

Advanced Inventory Solutions Inc. said it is investing $250,000 in the new Summerville operation, which is housed in an existing building.

The company provides physical inventory auditing services to retail customers, such as grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies and specialty retailer, among others.

The new operation represents Advanced Inventory Solutions’ first location in South Carolina.

The company also provides a range of other services, including pricing tracking and assessment, product buy-back coordination, defective write-ups, out-of-stock reporting and pricing assistance.