Frances Roy

Frances Roy passed away last week, and our community lost a true pioneer. In addition to leaving behind a loving family, Frances leaves behind the love and gratitude of countless disabled Charlestonians and their families.

Frances worked at and founded camps for disabled children and adults. In 1985 she founded and directed Delicious Delights Bakery, which has employed dozens of disabled adults and supplied quality baked goods to many individuals and businesses.

The lives of countless people have been enhanced by Mrs. Roy and her tireless dedication to those who needed a little extra help.

She will be greatly missed by many, but particularly the special employees of Delicious Delights Bakery.

Cooper Coker


Disabilities Board

of Charleston

Morrison Drive


This letter was also signed by: Blaine Ewing, chairman of the Disabilities Foundation of Charleston County; and Rick Magner, executive director of the Disabilities Board of Charleston County.

Apt title

I’ve notice that the company paving the West Ashley Greenway is named “Landscape Pavers.”

How fitting.

Cecil Steed

Skinner Avel


Volunteers needed

Rape victims in Charleston are in desperate need, and you can do something about it. In the hours after the trauma of rape, victims need someone to stand with them. That is what we do at People Against Rape (PAR), South Carolina’s oldest rape crisis center.

However, due to financial difficulties, our ability to care for rape victims in their hour of need has been significantly compromised.

We are asking for your help. You can help rape victims by becoming a trained advocate and accompanying them and providing support.

Volunteer advocates take crisis calls and accompany victims through the evidentiary exam at MUSC’s ER/ED.

Many volunteer advocates tell us that what they do is extremely gratifying because they are making a big difference in someone’s life at a critical time.

Victims tell us that having a PAR advocate was a key part of their recovery.

PAR will provide the necessary training in two four-hour training sessions on Dec. 12 and 14, beginning at 9 a.m.

Please e-mail or call 843-745-0144 to obtain more information about this important volunteer opportunity. We are also interested in developing a cadre of advocates who speak Spanish and have flexible schedules.

Vickey C. Grant

Board of Directors

People Against Rape

Meeting Street


Slowdown risks

I recently took a cruise at 36 miles per hour over the Ravenel Bridge. It was lovely outside. I was able to look at the city in all of its splendor, the water as it met the marsh and all of the wonderful boats that were cruising the river.

It was idyllic except for the rudeness of the other drivers who were going the legal speed limit and found my speed irritating and, I am sure, dangerous. The truth is I didn’t blame them. Thirty-six mph on the Ravenel Bridge is downright hazardous.

I wasn’t going 36 because I wanted to, but because our state Legislature told the woman driving in front of me that it is perfectly OK for her to text her friends while she drives along a major throughfare. I have no idea what our legislators’ rationale is for not banning texting when driving. I do know their lack of responsible action will be the death of many more people on our highways.

Maybe it is time that we the people demand that they act responsibly.

Mickey Bakst

King Street


GOP obstruction

Do Republicans in Congress still owe allegiance to Grover Norquist and his “no taxes forever” pledge, which they all signed, or to the American people? Will Sen. Mitch McConnell become dedicated to his country, or continue to keep the haters riled up with another “our objective is to stop another Democrat from being president” speech?

Can John Boehner control the radicals in the House, and does he want to, so that the pressing problems can be solved?

Michael Griffith

Sterling Marsh Lane

Johns Island

Unfriendly taxes

In a Nov. 10 op-ed on business incentives, Russell Sobel wrote that the state needs to be more business friendly.

According to the Tax Foundation, South Carolina is ranked No. 49 for its high tax costs for new retail operations.

In addition, restaurants around Charleston collect 6 percent sales tax, 2 percent hospitality tax and an additional 3.5 percent local option and transportation tax. By comparison, in Johnson City, Tenn., retail establishments collect 7 percent sales tax and 2.5 percent local tax, but there is no state income tax.

Cary Chastain

Mary Ellen Drive


Who’s qualified?

My maternal grandfather was a very well-informed man, read the newspaper cover-to-cover daily, always had a book he was reading and never missed the news.

I remember asking him before one presidential election who would get his vote.

He said he was not going to vote. I asked if it was because he didn’t like either candidate. He said he didn’t feel qualified to vote because everything he read and all of the things that go on didn’t make sense to him.

Well, after last week’s election, I wonder who is qualified.

Jim Monogan

Jawol Drive