‘An original’

A great lady, Nancy Smythe, has left us and moved on to her next adventure. While the lives of those who knew her will never be the same, they are all the better for it.

She embraced life with an unquenchable joie de vivre, and she lived it as it was meant to be lived, finding and sharing joy in every little thing.

I was blessed to have traveled with her on many occasions, and her outrageous unconventionalism made every day a joyful adventure filled with humor and the unexpected. Terrifying sometimes, but never dull. She was all about fun — she was “an original.”

I cherish the memories and the lessons. I know she is sailing with the dolphins now, or perhaps streaking across High Battery.

Who knows!

Mariana P. Cotten

Burns Court

Sarasota, Fla.

Another rate hike

A Nov. 13 editorial high-lighted that SCE&G’s rates will have increased 40 percent since 2007 if its latest increase is approved. That’s well-deserved criticism and exposure of management out of touch with their responsibility.

Now The Post and Courier needs to look inside its own house. My six-month delivery cost in November 2006 was $77.70. My May 2012 billing was for $100.80.

This represents a 29.7 percent increase. There needs to be a follow-up editorial of self-criticism.

Howard Fields

Carmel Bay Drive

Mount Pleasant

Obama forever?

Now that the anointed one has been re-elected, we must be concerned about his next plan.

I would not be surprised if he were to follow Putin and Chavez by attempting to change or override our Constitution and run for a third term in 2016.

All he really does well is campaign, and I would not put anything past Obama and his comrades in Chicago.

Robert L. Fenning

Belted Kingfisher Road

Kiawah Island

Honorable exit

Recently, four-star Gen. David Petraeus, an authentic American patriot and hero, abruptly resigned as director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. He admitted to the dishonorable act of adultery, an extramarital affair.

As wrong as was his adultery, and as wronged as was his family by his misconduct, his resignation was an honorable act and revealed true character and integrity, no small thing. His resignation is having a heavy impact, and those who love conspiracies are in full throat.

Contrast this to a president of the United States not long ago who committed adultery (in the White House no less), who publicly denied, denied and denied again his adultery until he was confronted with evidence on a blue dress. No resignation there.

The former president went on to make millions of dollars. He remains a liberal darling, a sought-after campaigner for Democrats. And his wife got a really good government job.

As I write this, Americans seem to prefer the former president to the former director of the CIA.

This may tell us more about us than we want to know, but not more than we need to know.

John Graham Altman

Folly Road


Honoring veterans

On Nov. 12, my wife and I had a great lunch (steak, baked potato and salad) and later that evening went to another restaurant for dinner (an Italian feast).

It was all free.

A number of fine dining establishments offered free meals both Sunday and Monday for active-duty military as well as veterans in the area in honor of Veterans Day.

We thanked the managers of both restaurants, but we would like to extend those thanks to all the fine establishments that showed their support and appreciation for service members in this very practical way.


Limerick Circle


Wise choice

I applaud Mayor Keith Summey’s selection of Eddie Driggers as North Charleston chief of police.

Mr. Driggers is a very experienced law enforcement officer, a long-time public servant and a man of God, so he is an ideal person to confront the forces of darkness.

James A. Stuckey

Meeting Street


Construction noise

When I read Schuyler Kropf’s Tuesday article, “It’s just plain nasty,” I shook my head. Our family and several neighbors on Canal Street and Woodland Shores have felt defeated for the past five to six months.

Residents in the article fuss because some Saturdays they are wakened at 7 a.m. with their beds and walls shaking due to Gaillard Auditorium construction.

I guess the adage is true — when it comes to real estate, it’s location, location, location. Our homes, walls, beds, etc., have been shaking every Saturday, and all holidays, since construction started on what will be Vardon’s View.

According to a nice lady at Livability Court, the noise ordinance allows them to bash, bang and beep (and they do it really loud) from dawn till dusk. But they start before the sun rises and end a little after sunset.

At least someone consulted neighbors of the Gaillard Auditorium. We just woke up one day to find easements being violated, and things were off and running. It’s been a long spring/summer, and winter is looking no better, but no article has been written about us.

Several homeowners have called the city and county but nothing changes. The developer is unapproachable.

Walls have cracked and ceilings have fallen in, but the beeping, banging and shaking continues. We live and pay taxes in Charleston. I’m sick and tired of it all. I don’t know if I remember what a bird chirping sounds like.

Gale A. Raab

Canal Street


Share the secret

I find it appalling that Mike Whalen, director of Morale Entertainment Foundation, is keeping secret a basketball court condensation solution. His attitude, reflected in his statement, “They are the competition, so let them find out,” is narrow-minded and selfish.

You would think he would be eager to share the secret with his competition knowing the well being of college basketball players is at stake.

Why not be the hero? It’s not like the solution could be patented.

In the interest of safety for the college athletes that one day might play on the deck of an aircraft carrier that doesn’t have Mike Whalen’s “engineering solution” to prevent condensation on the court, I am divulging this closely held technological secret.

To find the answer one need only consult a fifth-grade science book.

The underside of the court must be heated, which will in turn raise the temperature of the court. This will negate the dew point.

To see this wonderful achievement of science turn on a car’s windshield defroster on a damp evening.

Phil Bennett

High Battery Circle

Mount Pleasant


I feel so much safer now that Gen. David Petraeus has resigned.

And thanks to the FBI for going through 20,000 pages of e-mail from another powerful general, we now know that he was flirting with a woman not his wife.

I am shocked.

Yvonne J. Walker

Twin Oaks Lane

Isle of Palms

Two of a kind

Question: What do President Barack Obama and Mayor Keith Summey have in common?

The answer: the use, exercise and abuse of presidential and mayoral fiat.

Patricia B. Starke

Purdue Drive

North Charleston