What dues can do

Some recent letters to the editor against unions and workers paying union dues are almost comical, especially when one writer was with the Chamber of Commerce.

Why would the Chamber of Commerce feel employees should not pay union dues, yet to be a member of that organization you must pay dues.

For my dues I get health insurance, retirement, a pension and most of all a voice and a good working relationship with my employer.

Erin McKee

Short River Court

Mount Pleasant

Dangerous dog

On Oct. 12, shortly after noon, my dog was attacked on Center Street at Folly Beach by a large, black dog, resulting in 28 hours of emergency care.

The dog got away from its owner and came after my dog without being provoked. The woman in charge of the dog left before I could determine the extent of my dogís injuries.

The woman was wearing jogging shorts and a black straw sun hat. I believe that since she fled the scene without exchanging information with me, she must have been worried about her dog being reported. If that is the case, this dog has probably attacked before.

I donít have very much information, but the attack happened quickly. I want to make the Folly Beach community aware of this woman so they might watch out for this dangerous dog.

Also, I would like to thank the three strangers, an older gentleman and a young couple, who came to offer me help and comfort.

My dog was bleeding from a large wound on her stomach and had several cuts and scrapes. I was naturally very shaken.

I wish I had gotten their names so I could thank them. But I was concerned about getting my dog to animal hospital as soon as possible. My hope is that they see this letter and know that I will be forever grateful to them for stopping to make sure I was OK.

I also thank the doctors and staff of Ohlandt Veterinary Clinic on Folly Road as well as Charleston Veterinary Referral Center in West Ashley for their excellent medical care and compassion.

My dog stayed in the hospital for 28 hours for surgery and emergency care.

Thankfully, she is fine and has made a full recovery.

Nancy OíGrady

Albemarle Road


State responsibility

Since the S.C. Department of Revenue allowed a hacker to get millions of individual and business Social Security numbers, why doesnít it step up and provide the same information to Experian to enroll and monitor these accounts and eliminate the need and aggravation of each individual trying to do so?

Seems to me this should have been done immediately in the two weeks they sat on the information before notifying the public.

Dianne M. Nettles

Central Avenue


Revealing turn

Mayor Joe Riley has always been quick to explain the separation of authority among the city, school board, county, state and federal governments. A prime example is flooding on the crosstown. This problem was ducked by the mayor for 25 years as he claimed the federal government had jurisdiction.

Now in a stunningly arrogant power grab, the mayor wants to assume the powers of County Council to handle the I-526 issue because he does not like its decision.

The mayor acknowledges that the decisions so far have been in opposition to the project, but his position is that he will go ahead with it regardless of the cost.

The mayor is proclaiming that County Council is incompetent to handle the project.

County Council has acted properly based on the facts. The responsibility for the $11.6 million already spent is being used to extort action from the council, but in fact the true debtor has not been determined.

Even if the county is responsible for the debt, it is a small price to pay to avoid a $600 million boondoggle.

If I were on the County Council, I would tell the mayor to mind his own business.

Larry Wiessmann

Seabrook Island Road

Johns Island

Whatís in a name?

Let me make sure Iíve got this right:

A mammoth James Island Halloween party whose name refers to drunkenness has a public relations problem?

Go figure.

John R. Young

Brianna Lane


Apology to a son Dear son:

Iím sorry. I voted Nov. 6 hoping we would wake up with a new president and a new direction. That is not the case, and I am sorry.

You probably will not understand for a long time. You probably will wonder why voting was so important to us ďold folks.Ē You might even ask what was so important about our Constitution or why our country sent good men and women to foreign countries to protect our right to vote and live in a free society.

Son, you didnít have a fighting chance at keeping America free and prospering as I did. Iím sorry you will think charity is stronger than freedom. Iím sorry you will not get awards for your major accomplishments, but instead for just being present. Iím sorry I didnít fight harder.

Iím sorry you will not have the chance to make America stronger. The chance to keep America the most powerful and respected nation in the world. The chance to send foreign countries food and medicine they need. You will have to take care of everyone else in America.

You may work more or less than the average American. Donít worry though, because we will all share.

Remember the Soviet Union?

Of course not. That will not be in your history books.

Iím sorry son.

Love, Dad.

Dustin Speights

Summertrees Boulevard

Johns Island

Seek consensus

The Sullivanís Island Town Council has claimed total and absolute victory in the controversial Sullivanís Island Elementary School issue, ironically signaling its failure to achieve consensus that should be possible in this small and friendly town.

Even if intractable as to the size and the design of the new school, councilís arguments for the old school site are far less compelling. Willingly and openly considering alternative site proposals similar to Vince Grahamís proposal would not only offer the possibility of a better overall solution, but perhaps more importantly, relieve island citizens of this bitter rift that might otherwise last as long as each current resident remains on the island.

And it is reasonable to think that the Charleston County School Board would be willing to rescind the lease in favor of a reasonable replacement on a different site if it would end this dispute. Itís not too late. To ignore this call to action would suggest once and for all that council prefers winning to achieving consensus on a school that we all want but that far too many donít want as currently planned.

Ed Allen

Osceola Avenue

Sullivanís Island

Hail to new chief

Eddie Driggers came to serve at the Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy almost five years ago as the deputy senior chaplain. I have had the privilege of knowing Eddie for over 23 years.

It was with mixed emotions that I was informed of his selection by Mayor Keith Summey to be the new North Charleston police chief.

During his tenure with the chaplaincy, Eddie has ministered to thousands of first responders and survivors/victims of crime.

I am grateful for his time with us, and I know that Godís hand is upon him as he moves to another venue in Godís kingdom.

Rob DeweY

Senior Chaplain

Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy

City Hall Lane

North Charleston