Easy money

Iím definitely going into business as an IT security consultant after reading the Nov. 3 letter by my future colleague-consultant regarding the S.C. Department of Revenue security breach.

Apparently Iím suitably qualified. I, too, am capable of explanations such as, ďNothing could [have been] done.Ē

Iíve also checked my conscienceís compromise-accommodater and have been reassured to discover that it could probably withstand the howling cognitive dissonance attendant on a professional statement like, ďI think the state has done a terrific job in handling this breach.Ē

Who says you canít find success in IT through complacency and circumlocution?

So hire me, Nikki. Iím armed and ready to defend my pay bosses, er, clients, against any charges that my industry has let them down.

Philip Snead

Edgewater Drive


Boeing progress

I recently read a letter to the editor from a representative of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers about the rights of Boeing workers.

I have been following the progress of Boeing in South Carolina since Boeingís CEO, Jim McNerney, spoke at the Columbia Urban Leagueís Equal Opportunity Day dinner two years ago.

Recently I toured the Boeing facility in North Charleston, and I was very impressed.

I learned about the wonderful things Boeing is doing in South Carolina. It is doing it right, treating employees with respect and dignity and providing excellent compensation and benefits.

It is obvious that Boeing values and supports diversity. It has a diverse workforce from top to bottom, which reflects the diversity of South Carolina.

Part of the tour was given by an African-American engineer who has been with the Boeing Company for over 23 years. This engineer has the major responsibility of assembling Boeingís airplanes.

The employees I talked to were happy and engaged. From what I saw, employees had a voice in the operations of their company and communicate directly with management personnel.

Boeing employees have produced five airplanes over the past year and a half, and the first test flight was completed without any problems. The Boeing company in South Carolina has distinguished itself as a top performer within the Boeing family.

Non-unionized South Carolinians are doing this amazing work. It is time for South Carolinians to tell our story:

We have great workers with skills needed for global competition, who build great things, including 787 Dreamliners.

James McLawhorn Jr.

President and CEO

Columbia Urban League

Barnwell Street


Costly theft

I want to thank the person who stole my iPhone at the fair Nov. 1. It was mine, whether you found it on the ground or took it out of my pocket.

And thanks for turning it off after we sent you a message telling you how to get it back to us. That was a classy move. My only hope is that we were able to render it as useless as possible to you.

Thank you for taking my childrenís pictures that I can never replace. Thank you for causing me the trouble of filing a police report and an insurance claim.

I hope you feel terrible about it, but since you are a bad person, thatís probably too much to ask.

Katie Smith

Hayden Glenn Drive

North Charleston

Time for healing

The elections are finally over. We need to accept that, come together as Americans and work for the people. Letís stop name calling and bickering and find some common ground for the country.

We need to pray for the country. We need to invite Republicans to the table, along with top economists and business people.

Congress and the president need to take a big cut in their salary until we solve this debt crisis. Over 230 members of Congress are millionaires.

We need to keep our military strong by cutting foreign aid, and to bring our troops home sooner rather than later.

We need to put a cap on election campaigns. I heard that all the elections combined raised over $80 billion. The presidential candidates raised over a billion dollars each, and thatís not counting Super PACs.

Finally, deficit spending needs to stop and Congress needs to pass a balanced budget amendment, so we donít get in this mess again.

Letís come together, America. This is an important time in our history.

We can be caught up with hate and anger, or we can come together as Americans. Remember, the politicians work for us.

Jamie Birdsong

Allspice Drive


Donít give up

The majority of South Carolina voters voted in favor of Mitt Romney, but we were not enough. Thanks to all who voted, regardless of candidates. It is important that we voted.

By re-electing our incumbent, we sent a message to Congress and the White House that we are OK with our present situation: high unemployment, extreme national deficit, diminishing GNP/GDP and a lower global credit rating.

Let us work with our representatives to ensure this does not become the new benchmark.

We are but one small state, yet we have made our mark in history. Let us support our representatives and assist them in their public duties to raise and regain the higher standards which our founders and forefathers once achieved.

Clayton Hallmark

Farm Quarter Road

Mount Pleasant