Do you feel pangs of guilt every time you bite into a rich, chocolate truffle? Do you hide some Snickers in your desk drawer and nibble when no one is watching? If so, this yearís Salon du Chocolat in Paris was for you.

Chocolatiers from around the world gathered last week for five days to strut their chocolate stuff. And while some concentrated on spicing up their confections with saffron or Espelette pepper or kaffir lime, others promoted chocolate as health food. Or almost.

For example, chocolate makers introduced a number of products that were infused with omega-3 oils to help with heart health and cognitive function. They eschewed sugar for stevia, a natural plant-based sweetener that is 200 times sweeter than sucrose and has no calories. They used organic ingredients. And they noted that all their ingredients had Fair Trade labels.

Chocolatiers believe that itís a good time for these health-conscious products because the economy has improved. They found that during the worst of the economic crisis consumers let their health concerns go and enjoyed comfort as a little, affordable luxury.

So after you finish your seared tofu, locally grown greens and quinoa, have a piece of heart-healthy, sugar-free, organic chocolate candy.

Itís good for you.