CLEMSON – Swinney was asked today if ESPN had approached him about appearing in a commercial to promote its GameDay program. ESPN has used a number of high-profile coaches for spots on commercials over the years. Swinney said he has not been approached. He was also asked if sees that as a disadvantage in recruiting.

“ESPN is the mothership so I think anytime you have a chance to get national exposure for your team you try to take advantage of those opportunities,” Swinney said. “I think the best exposure is winning on Saturday.”

To be fair, GameDay has run a number of features on Clemson over the last two seasons and will run a feature on Clemson’s Daniel Rodriguez on Saturday.

But here’s an idea ESPN how about getting Swinney and South Carolina Steve coach Spurrier on a commercial together? Perhaps making amends over a funnel cake at the state fair?

Maryland D best in conference?

Florida State might take issue with an assertion Swinney made today when he claimed the Maryland defense is as good as any Clemson has faced this season.

Maryland (4-5, 2-3) is ranked 11th in the nation in total defense and has a talented front led by defensive tackle Joe Vellano, one of the most disruptive defenders in the conference.

“Defensively they are as probably as good as anybody we’ve played,” Swinney said. “They lead our league in sacks. They’re as good up front as we have played. Vellano, I can’t believe he’s still there. He’s been there for 10 years.”

Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris said Maryland does a good job of disguising coverages and mixing of pressure packages.

Shuey holding down middle linebacker spot:

Former two-star prospect Spencer Shuey started a third straight game over former five-star prospect Stephone Anthony at middle linebacker at Duke.

“He’s playing great,” Swinney said. “He knows exactly what we are doing.”

Shuey said he has graded out well in making the correct presnap decisions in aligning the Clemson defense. He said he has also improved his ability to shed blockers, an area where Anthony has struggled with.

Extra points:

Swinney on Maryland linebacker Shawn Petty who has become the Terps’ quarterback due to a rash of injuries. “I was very impressed. A lot of motions, silent snap counts, that ain’t easy to do. They didn’t have a lot of mistakes. …A lot of zone reads, speed options, screens, took some shots.” … Swinney said Andre Ellington is “on track” to play vs. Maryland.