Incumbents continue to lead in the two contested elections for Berkeley County School Board.

With five of 10 precincts reporting in District 1, Kent Murray led C. Kevin Cox, 57 percent to 42 percent.

With 13 of 21 precincts reporting in District 7, Wilhelmina Moore led Marty Housand, 56 percent to 43 percent.

District 1 includes the Hanahan and Goose Creek areas. District 7 includes Cross, St. Stephen and the upper part of the county.

Murray, a former middle school teacher who now teaches at The Citadel, has served on the board since 2008. Cox, a frequent critic of the school board, has been a member of Hanahan City Council since 2004.

Moore, a longtime teacher who is studying for a doctorate in her 80s, and Housand, the former Santee police chief, have lobbied for equal treatment of their district.

Both of the incumbents supported the controversial Yes 4 Schools referendum, which voters narrowly favored in early returns, and both challengers opposed it.

Officials say the district is growing by about 900 students per year, and that 15 of the districtís 41 schools are out of capacity. If passed, the referendum would provide funding for three new elementary schools, a new middle school, a new high school and renovations at 29 other schools.

Incumbents Phillip Obie II (District 3) and Kathy Schwalbe (District 5) are running unopposed. In District 9, Donna Marino did not seek reelection, but her son, Scott Marino, is running unopposed. The nine-member board is nonpartisan.

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