Democratic incumbent Rep. Joe Jefferson and Republican challenger Allan Weiss have known each other for years and consider themselves friends.

“We just have a different vision on what we want to get done,” said Weiss, a business owner.

Jefferson and his wife frequently visit Weiss’ restaurant. “We would always sit down and have a cordial conversation,” Jefferson said.

Jefferson, who has served House District 102 since 2004, seconded the appointment when Weiss was chosen for the Santee Cooper Country board of tourism.

Jefferson counts education, jobs and health care among his priorities.

“We’ve done a lot of good, but we are not finished,” he said. “Baby boomers are now living longer because of new medical technology, so we want to be around to kind of help that cause out a little bit.”

Weiss has never run for office, but said it’s time for a change. Helping small businesses would be his priority, he said.

“We need more average, regular people in government,” Weiss said.