As president and professor at Charleston Southern University I have been deeply involved with K-12 education in the Charleston region for 28 years. My experience has allowed me to see firsthand the importance of students being prepared for college.

On Nov. 6, Berkeley County will vote on the School Improvement referendum. The plan calls for constructing five new schools and equipping each with technology. The plan also includes funding for major and minor renovations, improvements and additions, including technology and other equipment for 29 schools in the district.

Passing this referendum will provide students and educators with an excellent learning environment.

The digital revolution continues to change the way our children live and learn. State of the art technology in our school systems is crucial. Students must graduate from high school with excellent technology skills in order to compete in our changing world.

The Charleston region has experienced significant community and population growth. It is essential for our school systems to maintain the same pace as the region. Passing the School Improvement Referendum will alleviate overcrowding in Berkeley County schools.

The School Improvement Referendum is an extraordinary opportunity for the people of Berkeley County to move forward.

Vote “yes” on Nov. 6 and support Berkeley County children and the community.

Dr. Jairy C. Hunter Jr.

President and Professor of Management

Charleston Southern University

University Boulevard