A third suspect in the Caribbean killings of Michael and Thelma King of Mount Pleasant was apprehended Thursday after having fled to St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, according to a news release Friday from the prosecutorís office in St. Maarten.

The Kings, who were from the Columbia area but also owned a home at Tolerís Cover in Mount Pleasant, were found stabbed to death inside their beachfront condo at Cupecoy in the Dutch territory of St. Maarten on Sept. 21. They had last been seen and heard from on Sept. 19.

Police already had two men in custody and Wednesday, they determined that a third suspect, 20-year-old J.J.W., had left St. Maarten by airplane that afternoon for St. Thomas. Prosecutors asked for his provisional arrest in view of extradition. On Thursday, he was arrested by St. Thomas law enforcement officers.

Authorities think this third suspect was involved in the violent deaths of the Kings and the robbery at the Happy Star restaurant on Sept. 19.

The suspect, who waived his rights under American law, was extradited to St. Maarten today, where he was arrested upon arrival at the airport.

He was remanded into custody for two days, and prosecutors will prolong that over the weekend, according to the release. He will appear before a judge Monday, according to the release. The suspectís house in the Cay Hill neighborhood was searched this afternoon.

Two other suspects, identified as as 17-year-old J.C.M. and 28-year-old M.K.J., remain in custody. Privacy rules prevent St. Maarten authorities from naming suspects.