More than 100 College of Charleston students spent part of their lunch hour Thursday grabbing a slice of pizza — and registering to vote.

How to register or update

To registerDownload a voter registration form from, complete the form and then either:Mail the form to your county voter registration office (postmarked by Oct. 6).Fax the form to your county voter registration office (received by Oct. 6).Scan the form and email the image as a file attachment to your county voter registration office (by Oct. 6).To update Download the voter registration update form from and return it to your county voter registration office. Voters who have moved from one county to another must submit a new voter registration application.Update the information on the back of your voter registration card and return it to your county voter registration office.Local election officesBerkeley County Board of Voter Registration, P.O. Box 6122, 6 Belt Drive, Moncks Corner, SC 29461; phone 719-4056; fax 719-4060; County Board of Voter Registration, P.O. Box 71419, 4367 Headquarters Road, North Charleston, SC 29405; phone 744-8683; fax 974-6419; County Board of Elections and Voter Registration, 201 Johnston St., St. George, SC 29477; phone 563-0071 or 832-0071; or fax 832-0281 or 563-0281;

Oct. 6 is the deadline for all eligible voters to register if they want to cast a ballot in the Nov. 6 election.

Another major registration drive is set for Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Boone Hall Plantation during the Taste of Charleston.

But it’s unlikely that any other voter drive will feature the freebies and fanfare that met the students Thursday on the brick path in front of Physicians Memorial Auditorium.

The school ordered 100 pizzas — plus music, free sunglasses and T-shirts — to lure in would-be voters.

Amanda Ruth-McSwain, director of the college’s Bully Pulpit series, oversaw the event.

“While the pizza line was very long 45 minutes ago, so was the registration line,” she said. “It wasn’t just the pizza.”

Ruth-McSwain said students are talking about the election, but there doesn’t seem to be as much excitement on campus as there was four years ago. “We don’t see nearly as much outward demonstrations of their excitement,” she said.

Chris Piedmont, a junior, already had registered and was helping others sign up.

While many students have heard about the election on comedy shows, such as “The Colbert Report” and “Saturday Night Live,” Piedmont said students also are taking time to read traditional media.

“We know it’s going to affect our lives,” he said of the election, “whether it’s our loan rates or getting a job in the future to pay those loans back.”

Madeline Anderson, 18, of Beaufort, changed her voter registration to Charleston so she wouldn’t have to drive home to vote or bother with an absentee ballot. She said she has been encouraging her classmates to register and vote.

Bobbie Robbie Haynes, 18, of Columbia, said he senses mixed feelings among students as to which presidential candidate to vote for.

“I feel like there’s not a lot of excitement because nobody really likes either one,” he said.

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