A 22-year-old man is accused of using a sword to fatally stab his father as he slept Monday morning in a Mount Pleasant motel.

Officers found Elias James Walker with blood on his socks and his yellow shirt around 1:30 a.m. at the Fort Moultrie Motel at 1330 Stuart Engals Blvd.

Inside, his father, 45-year-old Anthony Charles Walker, was lying on the floor.

The suspect initially told officers he had left to buy beer when someone must have attacked his father. But he later confessed to the slaying, affidavits state.

Elias Walker has three previous misdemeanor arrests, though police reports indicate he has shown violent tendencies.

Having lived most of his life in Walterboro, Walker told police he had been staying at the Fort Moultrie Motel for a few months.

The motel is up for sale. Edward Robinson, a commercial Realtor for The Beach Co., said the $1.7 million listing has garnered interest from two hotel developers. The motel sits on about 2 acres near Chuck Dawley Boulevard and Bowman Road.

The family who owns the motel leases the land on a month-to-month basis, Robinson said, and can “continue to run their business there until it’s sold.”

“Most likely, someone will tear that down and build a new hotel,” Robinson said. “It’ll be a real nice development for the town.”

Greg Clark, who has owned the nearby Indigo Creek Pet Supplies for 16 years, said the motel doesn’t attract much business. On Monday, only two cars were parked outside as the motel manager, who shooed away a reporter, drowned shrubbery with a water hose.

Dirty blue jeans dried on a fence that closes off the U-shaped building from Chuck Dawley Boulevard.

“I certainly would welcome someone else,” Clark said. “It’s definitely not attracting anybody as far as a hotel.”

Clark said he often sees residents walking behind his store in order to buy goods at the nearby Exxon station.

That’s what Elias Walker said he was doing on the morning his father was killed.

Walker told officers he drank six beers but needed more. So he left Room 21 unlocked and set out on a beer run, according to an incident report from the Mount Pleasant Police Department.

He returned 15 minutes later and found his father suffering from stab wounds to his neck and chest, he told police, so he called the authorities. But Anthony Walker later was pronounced dead at Medical University Hospital.

Investigators found no signs of forced entry. They canvassed three area gas stations that might corroborate the suspect’s alibi and found no surveillance video.

But the officers remarked at Elias Walker’s “unusually calm demeanor considering how severe his father was injured.” He refused to call anyone about what happened, saying he’s “not close to the rest of the family,” the report states.

Walker added his father accumulated many enemies at the motel.

“Everyone in this place hates him,” he told officers.

But he soon admitted to the killing, affidavits state, and he hung his head during a hearing later Monday in which a magistrate denied him bail.

Anthony Walker had a history of arrests dating to the 1980s. At the time of his death, he was on probation for illegally carrying a weapon.

Elias Walker’s most recent arrests were on charges of disorderly conduct.

In November 2009, witnesses said he charged at a man while his back was turned and said, “I hate you,” called him a “snake” and cursed repeatedly, according to an incident report from Walterboro Public Safety.

In April 2012, Walterboro officers reported they arrested Elias Walker after an afternoon of drinking led him to challenge “everyone who lived in the house to a fight.”

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