Bout time for a Peper potpourri regarding stuff thatís been in the news lately.

Before we get cranked up, not sure what to make of this, but on a recent Saturday night while watching an in-state school play college football on TV, I was actually tweeting observations on what I was seeing. Itís true, before I knew it, I was trading insights with somebody who was in the stadium while simultaneously engaged with another guy in Spartanburg who was offering his own assessments. What is going on, watching a game is now interactive?

Once I was paid to report on what I saw, now Iím doing it because I can!

OK, thatís off my chest and we can move on.

In this corner

S.C. Governor Nikki Haley pulled no punches at the Republican Convention when given a prominent platform from which to assail the current occupant of The White House. Her message was clear and her focus direct. Donít know if the presidentís people were listening, but Iím pretty sure we wonít hear Mr. Obama reference with fondness ďthe porches of CharlestonĒ in any future speeches as he did on election night not quite four years ago.

Canít make this up

Do you think Al Cannonís actions will help him or hurt him in his next campaign for sheriff of Charleston County? Once you get past the fact that he admitted to slapping a prisoner in handcuffs after a high-speed chase, he gets an ďAĒ for effort. ďAĒ as in arrest, apology, then anger management. Many people I talk to like him even more, now. Others believe he set a bad example for his own officers, but are willing to forgive. It doesnít appear heíll be opposed in the next election. If so, thatíll speak more about how the public really feels than anything else.

Market futures

At the height of the 5-inch rainfall one day last month, the flooding was so bad in The Market that kayakers had no problem navigating their way through the aisles. Those photos were extremely popular and seemed to express a certain ďsome things never changeĒ feeling about places you donít want to be when it really rains here.

What made me smile, though, was the ingenuity coupled with the ability to apply a Photoshop technique to that same picture which then depicted that very same person paddling through The Market in a floating, Charleston sweetgrass basket. Now thatís really ďmarketingĒ a product!

The welcome mat

Finally, itís an interesting concept, this University of South Carolina Welcome Center, that recently opened on King Street. Inside are all sorts of trinkets adorned with Gamecock insignia and all manner of items in garnet and black.

The idea is not so much to attract tourists but to entice some of the 10,000 alums who live in the area. T-shirts, as well as athletic tickets, can be bought there. The shelves also appear to be well-stocked with assorted stuffed dolls of the university mascot, Cocky. Itís a creative marketing plan.

Competition being what it is, though, will a certain ďotherĒ state school soon be scouting for a vacant storefront on the other side of the street?

Orange you glad somebodyís here to ask these questions?

Iím just sayiní Ö

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