Seven local chefs, a sommelier and a master of ceremonies have been chosen to prepare the Ultimate Critics Dinner on Oct. 3 as part of the events leading up to the BB&T Charleston Wine + Food Festival next year.

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You can preview events for the 2013 BB&T Charleston Wine + Food Festival (Feb. 28-March 3) beginning Friday at www.charlestonwine ticket sales begin at 9 a.m. Aug. 30. A festival Launch Party is set for Aug. 30 and a Local Catch Cookout on Sept. 1. Both events will be at the Charleston Harbor Resort. Visit the website for details.

Selected by a panel of food critics and writers by secret ballot, the chefs are Jeremiah Bacon, The Macintosh; Mike Lata, FIG; Sean Brock, McCrady’s and Husk; Josh Keeler, Two Boroughs Larder; Michelle Weaver, Charleston Grill; and Frank Lee, Slightly North of Broad. The pastry chef is Emily Cookson of Charleston Grill.

Patrick Emerson of Maverick Southern Kitchens will serve as sommelier, and Mickey Bakst of Charleston Grill will be the host. The third annual dinner will take place at Old Towne Creek County Park adjacent to Charles Towne Landing.

It will be one of the first times the historic 55-acre property, known as Ashem Farm when privately owned, will be opened to the pub- lic.Like last year’s dinner within the walls of Fort Sumter, Ashem presents an unusual setting but also logistical challenges for the outdoor fete. Electricity and water are limited.

The food and drinks the chefs prepare will reflect the event’s sense of place, incorporating the family’s favorite foods and other historic touches.

The dinner is sponsored by Limehouse Produce and is limited to 125 seats. Tickets are $250 and may be purchased at www.charlestonwine