For a brief moment, Christopher and Andrew Morgan Crowley got to experience the thrill of being atop the PGA Championship leaderboard.

And then they ran into a particularly dangerous hazard on the Ocean Course — a sheriff deputy's gun.

Charleston County Sheriff's Office deputies apprehended Christopher Crowley, 43, of West Chester, Pa., along with Andrew Morgan Crowley, 33, of Charleston, for tampering with a PGA scoreboard near the 17th green Saturday evening, according to Maj. Jim Brady.

Apparently the two were putting their name — Crowley — on the leaderboard next to an enviable -7 score.

Deputies got the call around 6 p.m., about an hour after tournament officials had suspended play due to storms over Kiawah. They found six men messing with a scoreboard as the crowd cheered them on.

What, these people don't like Vijay Singh and Rory McIlroy?

Deputies said the two men ran toward one deputy, who pulled his gun and ordered the two to stop.

Before it was over, the crowd got to see the men on the ground and under arrest. They were escorted from the course — which may have gotten them off the island quicker than most of the other spectators.

Obviously there are perks to being atop the leaderboard, however briefly.

The two men face disorderly conduct charges in court on Aug. 20 .

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