EDISTO BEACH —Laff-A-Lot, owned and captained by Frank Thornhill, released a blue marlin and two sailfish Saturday to win the Edisto Marina Billfish Tournament, the final event of the 2012 South Carolina Governor’s Cup Billfishing Series.

And Caramba, owned by Both Faith and captained by Dale Lackey managed to squeak by for the overall Governor’s Cup Series title.

Combined with a Thursday catch of four sailfish, Laff-A-Lott finished the event with 1,800 points. Governor’s Cup participants earn 600 points for blue marlin releases and 200 points for sailfish releases.

Second place at Edisto went to Micabe, owned by Mike Larrow and captained by Chris Jennings, with 1,600 points. Micabe had three sailfish releases Saturday. Sportin’ Life, which had 1,400 points for seven sailfish releases on Thursday and Friday, took third place.

Caramba and Home Run, owned by Steve Mungo and captained by Grant Bentley, both finished the overall series with 5,175 points but Caramba took the title based on time, reaching that number by fishing Thursday and Friday. Home Run did not reach 5,175 points until Saturday.

The meatfish division winners were: Wahoo — Reel Hooker, 41.0 pounds; Dolphin — Short People, 25.8; and Tuna — Wildlife, 25.8.

Joanna Strickland, fishing aboard Wildlife, was the top female angler with three sailfish releases. Rance Jennings, 8, caught four sailfish aboard Micabe to win the youth angler prize.

Participants released six blue marlin and 23 sailfish Saturday. For the tournament, there were 82 sailfish releases and six blue marlin releases.