Steve Chapman won all three places in the trout division, had a second- and third-place finish in the flounder division and a third-place catch in the redfish category of the second annual Harry Hallman Fishing Tournament, put on by Blue’s House of Wings in Mount Pleasant Saturday.

The category winners were: Trout — Chapman, 3.35 pounds; Chapman, 2.59; Chapman 2.49. Flounder — Terry Mitchum, 1.88; Chapman, 1.84; Chapman, 1.56. Redfish — Ashley Crapps, 3.04; William Southard, 2.67; Chapman, 2.42. Dogfish — Daryl Thurlow. Lady Angler — Pat Freeman, 1.15 trout.

First- and second-place in the trout, flounder and redfish categories paid $150 and $100, respectively, with non-cash awards for the other winners.

Because none of the 52 anglers who registered for the tournament weighed any sheepshead, the $250 earmarked for those fish will instead be divvied up by the two charity beneficiaries, the Omar Shriners and Friends of Santa, said tournament director Wayne Luther of Blues.

“We don’t know how much we will raise this year because we still have to figure up our expenses,” Luther said. “Last year, we had 31 register and raised $400 for Friends of Santa.”

Luther said the tournament came about when Mount Pleasant mayor Billy Swails asked him to do an event to honor the late Harry Hallman, the former mayor of Mount Pleasant and a longtime public figure.

Charleston Coastal Anglers results

Lonnie East IV won both the outstanding angler and outstanding male angler in the Charleston Coastal Anglers 29th Inshore Tournament. Linsey Cyr was the outstanding female angler and Kyle Toporek was the outstanding youth angler. More than 300 anglers participated in the event.

Category winners included: Trout — Aaron Norten, 3.08 pounds; Cameron Luden, 2.72; Lonnie East IV, 2.62. Flounder — Lonnie East IV, 4.28; Hunter Thurlow, 3.42; Tammy Giannelli, 3.32. Sheepshead — Tom Benton, 8.02; Lonnie East IV, 5.48; Bruce Humbert, 5.14. Spadefish — Jim McNay, 4.94; Jim McNay, 4.86; Keith Beam, 2.58. Bluefish — Tammy Giannelli, 2.44; Tammy Giannelli, 1.92; Mike Giannelli, 1.86. Blackfish — Chris Perot, 3.36; Brad McQueen, 3.16; J.B. McCarty, 3.02. Ladyfish — David DiBenedetto, 2.28; David DiBenedetto, 2.06; David Mezz, 2.04. Redfish (most spots) — Donald Smith, 12; Matt Woodford, 8; Jeffrey Pierce, 8. Spanish mackerel — Kyle Toporek, 4.24; Janell Nettles, 3.94; Linsey Cyr, 3.68. Dogfish — Trey Balgr, 1.86. Kingfish — Sheldon Peoples, 27.48; Bryce Simons, 26.02; Linsey Cyr, 24.20. Kingfish TWT — Sheldon Peoples, 27.48, $450; Bryce Simons, 26.02; $225; Linsey Cyr, 24.20, $75.