The container ship MSC Flaminia, which was abandoned by its crew in the mid-Atlantic Saturday after a fire and explosion, is the subject of ongoing firefighting efforts that began Tuesday.

“Experts estimate that the firefighting operations could take some weeks,” said the ship’s German owner, Reederei NSB, in a statement posted on the company’s website.

The Flaminia was sailing from Charleston to Antwerp when the fire broke out, about 1,000 miles from England. One crewman died of fire-related injuries, several others are recovering from injuries, and another remains missing.

The causes of the fire, the subsequent explosion, and another explosion Tuesday that temporarily halted firefighting efforts have not been determined, but will be the subject of an investigation in Germany.

A second tug boat is expected to join the firefighting and salvage effort tonight and a third is expected to arrive Saturday, NSB said. The 984-foot Flaminia was carrying 2,876 shipping containers.

The uninjured Flaminia survivors, including 18 crew and two passengers, arrived in Falmouth, England Wednesday aboard an oil tanker that rescued them from lifeboats.

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