About three out of every four medical students accepted at the Medical University of South Carolina take the school up on its offer and enroll.

That statistic ranked MUSC’s College of Medicine fifth on U.S. News & World Report’s list of the “10 Most Popular Medical Schools,” which came out this week.

The most popular school was Oklahoma State University for Health Sciences, followed by University of Kansas Medical Center, University of New Mexico School of Medicine and University of Oklahoma College of Medicine.

MUSC President Ray Greenberg said making the list likely reflects that while potential students may apply to many schools, MUSC is where they really hope to attend. He also thinks potential students likely hear positive things about the school from those currently enrolled.

Greenberg said medical students are quite savvy about where they apply. And he noted that MUSC is the only school on the East Coast to make the list.

The university has a lot going for it including: being in the beautiful city of Charleston; having an outstanding faculty; being a free-standing medical school and not part of a larger university; and a record of doing well placing graduates in residencies.

Making the list is good for MUSC because it will pique the interest of potential students, he said. “It will make the blogs, Internet and word of mouth.”

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