MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. — Charleston boat Flybuoy moved one day closer to a big payday in the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament with only two days remaining in the $1,252,950 tournament.

Only one blue marlin and three white marlin were released Thursday, and none of the 120 entrants brought a fish in.

Flybuoy, owned by Windsor Marine and captained by Robert Hollingsworth, caught a 499.3-pound blue marlin Monday and is in line for a $444,050 payday if the crew hangs on.

The only other blue marlin that has been weighed was a 437.3-pound catch Tuesday by the boat Inspiration. If no other blue marlin are weighed, Flybuoy and Inspiration would do a 60-40 split on the levels that each boat entered. That means Flybuoy’s winning purse would jump to $496,710 and the Inspiration fishing team would receive $212,640.

Participants have now released 75 billfish, including 39 blue marlin. Boats are allowed to fish four out of six days, and Flybuoy, as did many other boats, finished its fishing Thursday.